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Top 6 Causes Of Secondary Infertility

Top 6 Causes Of Secondary Infertility

Want to get pregnant again?

But Not Getting Positive Results…

Don’t Lose Your Heart! Read this article up to the end and know the causes of secondary infertility and possible solutions.

After a few years of having their first baby, most couples plan for the second one to complete the family. For some, it just happens easily; however, others have trouble conceiving for a second time, as per the report of NCHS ( National Center for Health Statistics). It is called secondary infertility and can affect both men and women. However, it is more common in women in their late thirties and early forties. This condition can be very frustrating. Many assisted reproductive technologies are available to treat secondary infertility. If you are struggling to get pregnant for a second time but still hoping for another baby, it would be better to seek ICSI treatment in Chandigarh and other parts of the country.

Now, let us discuss the key reason behind secondary infertility in detail.

  1. Poor Egg Quality

You may be surprised to know that females are born with around 1 million eggs, which slowly reduces as they release eggs every month during their periods. Also, with aging egg quality starting to degrade and you are left with only a few optimum quality eggs. This is the major reason behind infertility in women. As per the expert’s females are most fertile in their twenties, and after the ’30s, your fertility starts declining slowly and more gradually once you reach 35. If any poor-quality egg is fertilized, there are very low chances of embryo implantation. In some cases, the embryo is enabled to implant but does not develop properly, resulting in miscarriage. Therefore, try to plan your second pregnancy at least till the age of 35.

  1. Low Sperm Count

It is not that infertility only happens in women; men can also be sterile. The low sperm count of your partner can stop you from conceiving for a second time. Hence, it is vital to ask them to take a sperm analysis test. Including low testosterone levels, blocked duct, infections., tumors, more exposure to heat, ejaculation problems, there are several causes of low sperm count. Whatever it would be, it is pivotal to get it treated on time if you are pretty serious about your pregnancy. It is quite impossible to boost sperm count, especially if your partner’s age is above the ’40s. ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) ART can be helpful in this context. So, find out the best ICSI treatment Clinic near you without wasting a minute.

  1. Obesity

Another reason behind secondary infertility is obesity. Whether it’s men or women, being overweight is not good and leads to many challenges in conception. In females, extra fasta causes insulin resistance, increases testosterone (a male hormone), and prevents ovulation. On the other side, added ponds elevate estrogen levels in males and result in low sperm count. Hence, it is important to eat well and lose extra kilos to conceive a second time.

  1. Too Much Consumption Of Alcohol & Tobacco

If you drink too much alcohol and smoke a lot, here is a good reason to stop. Both these can cause problems with pregnancy. As per Dr. Detti, if women consume more than 7 glasses of alcohol a week, their chances to conceive decrease significantly. Similarly, in men, excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco imbalance hormones and affect sperm production.

  1. PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another popular cause of secondary infertility in females. It is a hormonal disorder that directly affects the menstruation cycle and increases androgen levels in women. PCOS forms a collection of unwanted fluid in the ovary region that hinders the egg-releasing process.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Sleeping for too long or too little, eating junk foods, lacking a physical workout, etc., can negatively impact your fertility. Hence, it is indispensable to make healthy lifestyle changes to complete your family.

In Final Words-:

The above-discussed points are just the tip of the iceberg; apart from these, there are several other factors that can make you infertile and stop you from conceiving for a second time. It would be better to visit a nearby infertility center to diagnose the real cause of the problem and get the right treatment.


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