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Graphic Design and Its Various Types

Graphic Design and Its Various Types

Whether you are in need of designing a new logo or marketing a brochure or building a professional website, you must use graphic design to give them a professional look. They can express your business goal better by encapsulating your business, products and services. With the aid of it, you can attract your targeted customers and increase your sale. However, there is a chance of missing your business goal, unless you get your graphic design works done by a professional designer.

In this article we shall discuss on Unlimited Graphic Design Service and various types of it.

What is graphic design? 

Graphic design service, also known as communication design, is the art of projecting ideas and experiences through visual and textual content. It can include images, texts, or a combination of texts and images to communicate people. It incorporates a significant number of artistic and professional disciplines that target on visual communication and powerful presentation. A piece of professional work can make a thing visually appealing, ensuring higher conversation. It can be used in fulfilling various purposes. It can meet various commercial, industrial cultural, educational, or political purposes. Professionals use various symbols, signs texts, images, and styles to make a design attractive, interactive and aesthetically appealing. Nowadays, we have extensive uses of it in the internet medium.

Given below are various types of graphic designs:

  1. Type-based
  2. Image-based
  3. A Combination of Image and type
  4. Symbols, logos and logo-types


This refers to those graphic works that represent various ideas through graphics and images. It is highly powerful. It can communicate people in a simpler way. It can convey a complex idea or message easily. Viewers can easily understand it. It has proved that visuals are more powerful than voluminous textual content.


Type-based refers to the texts used in various styles to convey an idea or message. It includes stylish typography or handmade lettering to communicate the viewers. It can easily arrest the attention of the viewers.

Image and type  

As the name suggests, it refers to both image and type. Web Designers combine images and typography to create this graphic work. It is highly powerful in sales conversion. It can play a significant role to create a custom message.

Symbols, logos and logo-types

Symbols, logos and logo-types are used to produce this type. It can convey a message easily yet significantly. Symbols, logos and logo-types are infused in a right proportion to create a significant brand identity. It can give your business a significant face lift.


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