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What are the Difference between Blanket and Throws?

What are the Difference between Blanket and Throws?

Blankets and throws come in a range of styles and uses, from keeping you warm in bed to adding a dash of elegance to your living area.

Throws and blankets may be a wonderful addition to any house if they are selected right. They may readily be incorporated into any room’s decor because to the large variety of colours, designs, and materials available.

An easy way to tell one from the other is to compare them

Wrapping yourself with a blanket or a throw may keep you warm and cosy. Despite their striking resemblance in appearance and functionality, there are several subtle differences between the two:

  • Throws are meant to be draped over a chair or sofa rather than used as a blanket. As a result, blankets tend to be substantially bigger in order to accommodate a mattress.
  • The fabric chosen for its capacity to retain heat is used to make blankets. To keep the edges from fraying, they are frequently sewed together. Luxury fabrics like chenille, crushed velvet, fake fur, and suede are often used to make throws because of their ornamental use. Instead of being bound, the margins are often fringed.
  • Blankets are often buried under bed covers or tucked away in drawers due to their utilitarian nature and lack of decorative flair. As a result, the throws are picked with aesthetics in mind and are readily apparent.

Choosing a throw blanket for space may be a challenge

The style of the space in which the throw will be placed has a lot to do with the choice you choose. A few simple guidelines may help you make the best choice:

Decide on a colour scheme

Throws are a terrific way to bring colour to an otherwise bland room, or they may be picked to fit in with the current d├ęcor.

Warm autumn colours like burnt orange, mustard yellow and brown may help create a cosier atmosphere in a space.

However, earth tones, which may be utilised to generate emotions of serenity, are beautiful and can be employed in any design.

Don’t make the same errors again!

Patterns, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to work with and may be difficult to get just perfect. Having too many of them in the same place might make it seem cluttered and crowded.

It’s recommended to go with block colours instead of patterned blankets if you haven’t employed any patterns in the design and they don’t appear on any of the furniture.

Focus on what time of year it is

Throws may be used all year round to liven up a space and keep you warm when the temperatures drop at night, even if they appear more appropriate for the winter and autumn when you want to curl up on the sofa.

Consider the season while making your choice of cloth and design:

  • During the winter months, cosy fleeces and knits in neutral tones will keep you toasty;
  • in the fall, bright chenille in warm, bold colours will brighten a gloomy day while keeping you warm;
  • in the spring, bright acrylic and polyester in flowery hues will perk up the room;
  • and in the summer, cool, soothing cotton is ideal.


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