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Top 5 Best Selling Stand Mixers In India

Top 5 Best Selling Stand Mixers In India

Stand mixers are proving their importance in the bakery from the last few years. Through a long time, stand mixers are developing bit by bit with the help of the latest technologies. For every bakery related task and every mixing job, there is no better option than a stand mixer. Dough mixing is regarded as one of the most difficult and time-taking tasks in the case of bakery works. Stand mixers can complete almost any mixing with minimum efforts and also save a lot of time. Not only dough mixing, but the machine is also vastly used for chopping or slicing something. Even sometimes, the mixers are used for making some food items like ice creams, pasta, etc. Moreover, mixing in a stand mixer is much easier than mixing in a hand mixer. Stand mixers are usually more durable, stable, and efficient. You can start the machine and do the mixing job with minimum effort. Though the prices of the stand mixers are a bit higher than the hand mixers. But the prices are justified according to the efficiency of the machines.

You can have a number of options while buying a stand mixer. There are multiple brands with numerous models that launch decent stand mixers. As a buyer, it is a bit confusing for you to pick one among the multiple options. Here we are suggesting some of the top stand mixer brands that you would like to have in your kitchen.

Top 5 among the stand mixers in India

KitchenAid Artisan Mini stand mixer

This is currently one of the best stand mixer models in India. Several factors made the model popular and efficient. You can have 10 different speed levels, and you can optimize according to your needs. The large bowl capacity of 3 liters allows you to mix more ingredients every time. This product comes with a warranty period of 5 years, and that is a very good feature also. This one is made of full die-cast material.

Hi-Tech Chef Master 101 stand mixer

It has a large mixing bowl of 4 liters. The machine comes with customizable pulse functions. Is comes with a planetary motion that helps in better mixing. This is another decent machine that has 3 blades along with beater, whisk, and dough hooks. You can choose this model for hard mixing too.

Wonderchef Regalia stand mixer

This product comes with a skid- resistance feature. 6 different speed settings are available in this machine. You will get 3 different detachable blades, and this helps you to clean the machine quite easily. 3 types of beaters are attached to this machine for better mixing.

Black and Decker Stand Mixer

This is one of the most lightweight stand mixers in India right now. This product comes with a 5-speed turbo action feature. This machine consumes lesser power, and that is 300 watt. The product comes with a warranty period of 2 years.

Panasonic MK-GB1 stand mixer

This product has multi-purpose attachment hubs with it. The interesting thing is that you can have multiple color options if you’re getting this one. The machine is quite user-friendly, and dishwasher attachments are also available with this one.

These are the best brand and model options among the stand mixers in India. You can choose any one of them according to your needs and make your mixing session smooth and easy.


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