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Astrological Signs That Influence Your Life

Astrological Signs That Influence Your Life

Our sun signs are well-known to us! But, aside from your sun sign, do you know about the other important signs in your horoscope? These are your moon and rising signs (aka ascendant or Lagna), among other signs. 

Many people believe that they only have one sign, which is determined by their date of birth. However, in astrology, the key signs that provide information about your life and personality are your sun, moon, and ascendant. These three signs are the most important to consider when reading someone’s personality.

The rising sign reflects your personality and determines the persona you present to the world.

Your sun sign influences your goals and ego, encouraging you to pursue your ambitions.

Your moon sign represents your emotional habits and changes.

However, there are many more, such as a sign for each planet and 12 different houses. Your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign are the “big three,” and they reveal information about your personality, emotions, vulnerability, and how you love. To retrieve your birth chart, which will reveal these three signs, you’ll need your birth date, location, and time (as accurate as possible). You can seek the guidance of an astrologer in Canada to find your accurate signs. 

The rising and moon sign is the sign that is most likely to be noticed by others. 

Your Rising Sign: People may first notice the characteristics of this sign in you rather than your sun sign. When you present yourself to the world, your rising sign acts as a protective mechanism.

Your Moon Sign: The moon sign is another significant sign that influences one’s identity because it largely influences how one carries and expresses their emotions and feelings. Our moon sign is significant because when we are alone, we feel most connected to it, which is why we may feel more like our Moon sign than our Sun sign.

Other important astrological signs that make up your personality and your life at large:

Mercury: The planet Mercury governs the mind, and the way you communicate, think, and process information. This placement is significant because its sign determines whether one speaks aggressively, bluntly, thoughtfully, or caringly.

Venus: Venus is known as the planet of love and relationships. Venus governs how and what you love. The zodiac sign that occupies this position will assist you in better understanding your romantic life and any obstacles that may be in your way or areas where you need to improve.

Mars: The planet of aggression and passion governs how people assert themselves in debates, positions of power or leadership, relationships, and social settings.

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These three planets combine to represent one’s mind, voice, actions, and dominance.

Jupiter and Saturn: These two planets are your social planets. Jupiter, the mighty planet, rules idealism, optimism, and expansion. Saturn, on the other hand, rules responsibility, boundaries, fears, self-discipline, and insecurities. Saturn is more mature and grounded. Jupiter is more receptive to philosophy and mental expansion. These two complement each other by assisting one in socializing by making sound decisions, educating, taking risks, and being curious. The sign of these two planets can influence how one lives their life by making them more curious, impulsive, educational, or experimental.

Rahu and Ketu: Lastly, there are two more planets in Vedic Astrology, known as nodes of one’s chart. Rahu is called the north node, and Ketu is the south node. These are both shadow or imaginary planets that have no physical existence but are just as important as the other seven planets mentioned earlier and thus have been given the status of planets. Rahu is considered the planet of pleasure, and it attracts the natives to earthly pleasures. Ketu is the planet of spirituality and makes the natives search for enlightenment and liberation. 

These signs’ placements contribute to who we are and help shape our distinct personalities. When you’re reminded of your sun sign and identity, don’t forget about the other placements that help shape your sun sign. Each planet and sign plays a vital role in your birth chart and life.

Consult the astrologer in Toronto if you want to learn more about all of your astrological signs.

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