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Your Blog – Your Stage – Your Choice

Your Blog – Your Stage – Your Choice

“In this concert of life, choose your song and don’t stop playing it.”

There are so many quotes similar to this quote that speak of the world setting your stage for the world and encouraging you to find your place, sing your song, and never give up.

I like how this quote is made up of 3 parts:

1. In this concert of life

2. Choose your song

3. Don’t stop playing

These 3 keys are the main factors that contribute to whether you will be successful in life. But I believe that we can also bring these 3 keys to our blog, and if we can catch what this quote is telling us, I honestly believe that we can be as successful as we want to be. So let’s take a closer look at each one.

In this Life Concert

What it is trying to tell us, is that in any sphere of our lives – or in our case indian tech blog, there will always be a crowd of people watching us, like a concert. Some will be there to cheer you up, others just there waiting for you to make a mistake, and others just checking on you. What we need to realize is the tremendous privilege and responsibility we have to entertain, educate and inspire our audience.

I mean, we probably have other bloggers who are part of our crowd who admire us. Who aspires to be us. They may depend on every word we write. What do we do with this great privilege? Do we take it as an opportunity to impart knowledge, or do we just take advantage of it? Just a thought.

Here is a question.

Do you know who your crowd is? Do you know what they like? Do you know why they take the time to visit your blog?

I know my crowd. Because I planned it from the start. I know my people are fellow bloggers. I know they are interested in learning more about blogging and want to know ways to build and grow their blogs. I know that even though they all write on different topics, they all share the same passion for wanting to share what they have with others.

I know my crowd because I created my blog especially for this crowd. I created them because they are what I love. That goes into the next point so let me ask one last time, ‘Do you know your crowd?’

Choose Your Song

Think about the tv show Idol for a moment. Whether it’s American Idol, Australian Idol, Indian Idol or wherever. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll know that there are some great singers who don’t make it because of poor song choices, and there are some not-so-good singers who are given the chance because they know how to pick them. songs that match his voice. It’s the same with blogging.

As a blogger, you need to know the reach of your blogging, just as a singer can determine what notes he can and can’t hit.

Song blogger is the blog. consisting of:

* Niche Blogs

* Blogger Knowledge and Expertise Level

* Your Blogging Voice

All three parts are equally important and the blog will only be as strong as the weakest part of this section. So let’s take a quick look at each.

1. Niche Blog

It is important for long term sustainability that niche blogs become topics of interest to writers. There’s nothing worse than seeing singers who can’t relate to the songs they sing. It’s just as disappointing to see bloggers writing about something they don’t interest – you can tell from a mile away.

2. Blogger’s Knowledge and Expertise Level

Never let a lack of knowledge or expertise stop you from believing that you can blog successfully. I’ve seen it time and time again, bloggers starting blogs on topics that are interesting but fairly new to them, and they’ve seen phenomenal growth. Readers don’t want experts. If they did, they would look in the journals. The majority of readers just want to learn a little more than they already know, with added entertainment. What I’m going to say is let your readers know your limits. If you are just getting started with internet marketing and you have an internet marketing blog, let them know, but also invite them on your journey through the world of internet marketing. Give a positive spin on your lack of knowledge.

3. Your Blogging Voice

This is what sets you apart from every other blogger. Just as everyone naturally has a different voice, we all have a different blogging voice. Your voice is the way you speak. How you structure your posts


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