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Why Visit Jeju Island in South Korea

Why Visit Jeju Island in South Korea

With its simplistic beauty, Jeju, the largest island off the Korean Peninsula is more than just a summer destination. Its pristine beach facing the East Sea and its enormous and equally beautiful dunes opposite the coast make this national resort a down-to-earth place truly meant for people who want to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. From stunning architectural design to volcanic craters, and a museum dedicated to different kinds of Korean tea, Jeju has everything it can offer to a range of tourists from backpackers looking for a different kind of adventure to CFD trading investors who want a serene place they can chill.

This amazing destination is known as the “Hawaii of South Korea.”Jeju Island offers more than just sea, sun, and sand. This humble paradise offers a plethora of activities to captivate any type of traveler looking for adventure, good food, and scenic views. Here are some of the best reasons you should pack your bags and head over to Jeju Island on your next vacation.

Your Home at the Beachfront: If you are planning to visit Jeju Island during your next vacation, you might as well find quaint bed and breakfasts across the island just off the beach where you can spend your morning looking out to the sea while reading your latest paperback.  The beach can be your paradise if you plan on swimming inwarm water or simply basking under the sun.

Say Hello to the Haeneyo—Female Divers: If you are the I-want-to-see-locals type of tourist, the Haeneyo—female diversare an energetic community of women unique to the island of Jeju. For 90 days of the year, they go diving in the blue sea without oxygen masks, holding their breath for up to two minutes. Their substantial knowledge of marine life enables them to gather impressive amounts of shellfish which they then sell. Most of the women are above 60, which is impressive and makes them part of Korea’s important cultural heritage. To sample a taste of the women’s catch, get a ride to Haenyeo Jip, the chain of restaurants supplied and owned by the Haeneyo.

Art and Food Galore: Despite being a nature and beach destination, the island of Jeju also has a score to offer for food and art lovers. Whether you are a foodie looking to try local Jeju dishes or someone who want to spend their passive earnings from CFD trading to get a taste of the local culture, you can head to Dongmun Market for a wide array of colors and smells. The bustling collection of vendors is based near the international airport and is a favorite with locals for ingredients and snacks.

Aside from the scenic views and activities mentioned above, there are more reasons for you to

drop what you are doing now and board a plane to Jeju Island. If you plan to escape your city’s hustle and bustle and just relax while being surrounded by crystal-clear waters and nature, Jeju Island is the best place to go.


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