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why to see a podiatrist

why to see a podiatrist

ho says podiatrist says foot care. But did you know that podiatrists are health professionals who specialize in leg, hip and back problems as well? As the feet are the very basis of posture, an undiagnosed or untreated problem can reverberate elsewhere in the body without warning. Whether it’s lower back pain, knee pain or hip discomfort, getting a quick diagnosis and effective treatment will get you back on your feet quickly.

Learn more about the profession and discover all the unsuspected reasons to consult a podiatrist.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the treatment and relief of pain in the feet, muscles and joints. Ingrown toenails , bunions and plantar fasciitis are therefore among the problems treated by podiatrists on a regular basis. But there is much more, as a podiatrist can also take care of a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Holding a doctorate in podiatric medicine, these professionals are members of the podiatres and also trained in human anatomy, biochemistry, neurology and podiatric surgery. It goes without saying that podiatrists are therefore ideal for treating the feet, muscles and joints of your lower limbs. They can also refer patients to other health specialists such as physiotherapists or orthopedists in order to obtain the best possible treatment.

And the good news? No doctor’s note is required to make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Why consult a podiatrist?

The first reason to call on a podiatrist is undoubtedly pain or discomfort felt in the feet. However, when left untreated, a foot problem can have repercussions on the other joints of the body and affect the ankles, legs, knees, pelvis, and even the back.

But there is a multitude of unsuspected reasons for going to the podiatrist:

You have trouble cutting your toenails.

Your shoes still hurt, but you don’t know why.

You suffer from plantar warts, deformed nails or excessive sweating on the feet.

You injured your feet while playing your favorite sport.

In all of these cases, the cause could be an untreated podiatric problem. It is therefore important to consult a podiatric professional to receive good treatment.

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