Home Exclusive Why should you try out Tri-Fold Brochures for your Marketing? Are they effective?

Why should you try out Tri-Fold Brochures for your Marketing? Are they effective?

Why should you try out Tri-Fold Brochures for your Marketing? Are they effective?

You might be having many marketing tools in your marketing toolkit but what about a brochure? Do you still make the use of this powerful tool? You know what for the start-up companies or that of tiny local businesses, brochures could seem like they might be an unnecessary budget expense. After all, these typically are more costly than printing flyers or that of the postcards.

But, there are various types of benefits of making use of folded brochures, specifically Tri-fold brochure, as a marketing instrument in your business. Once you go through this post you are going to be acquainted with the perks of using brochures.

The Basics of Trifold Brochures

This type of brochure is formed by folding a sheet of paper twice that caters the brochure three panels. The most common sizes of this brochure are 8.5″ x 11″, that of 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, and even that of 11″ x 25.5″. Though there are various diverse options for brochure folds, the Trifold has turned out to be the industry standard and because of its simplicity and ease of design.

It caters a lot of data in one printed piece

One of the most important and exciting benefits of using tri-fold or standard fold brochures in the marketing strategy is the ability to encompass a considerable amount of text, images, and product information in a single document. While postcards and flyers are wonderful ways to quickly grab attention, brochures are perfect for when you require giving prospects more data about your company, services, and even your products. Since they have flexibility in design, these Trifold brochures permit sufficient room for you to tell the story of the history of your company, encompass a couple of key products, and list out costs for your services and products.

And not to forget that additionally, you also get enough room on your design to encompass a strong call to action: an attractive offer that prospects and consumers cannot just refuse. It is important and effective to use your brochures to guide them into the store, pay a visit to your website, or even call the mainline of your company.

Trifold or standard fold Brochures fold up cleanly

 These Trifold ones have undoubtedly turned out to be the most popular option for brochure printing. If you are thinking why that is then you have to know that these brochures are neatly and easily folded into three sections. It allows you to cater to sufficient information while at the same time get your customers a convenient piece to take away and keep. These brochures can easily fit just about anywhere, from the customers’ pockets to that of on top of their desks. And also remember that tri-fold one is a cost-effective solution to brochure printing.

Data can easily be broken up into segments

Brochures are the ideal and most effective choice for businesses that own a large range of services and products like that of restaurants, hair salons, and also that of health clinics. What gives the tri-fold ones an advantage over another type of printed pieces is that it can be segmented up into panel sections? These individual panels permit you to split information, services, and products into different categories swiftly and easily. Moreover, since the segments get easily divided and in a neat way; the readers to find it convenient to grasp the information.

Caters your customers and prospects a tangible experience with your business

Indeed, in the realm of the digital world, brochures cater something to your customers that online advertisements and social media posts simply cannot and that is tangibility.  Brochures are something that your prospects and clients can witness and feel. It is something that allows them to create a real connection with your company.

Say for example you own a store, and you have new items and goods that you want the world to know about. Though a post on an online platform can certainly help you spread the word in a faster manner, a brochure is going to allow your audience to feel your products in an entirely different light. Imagine their delight and pleasure when they get to hold a stunningly and cleanly printed brochure in their hands and on the very front is a splendid colorful, bold image of your fresh items. Not only will it get them a tangible experience with your business, but it shall also give them something they can keep at their office or at the house for months to come, continually reminding them about your business and the items and good you sell. Since they would constantly find the brochure laying on their table or desk; they would feel tempted every time.

Styles and designs beyond boundaries

Certainly many of you must be having a doubt about the versatility and richness of the brochures right? Well, you know these Tri-fold ones can be designed and pepped up in any way you like. You just have to tell the printers what you are looking for and what type of aura you want to create through the design of the brochure, and they would do it for you.  You cannot simply have any qualms about the variety that you get in the designs and patterns of the brochures.

Play with the texts

You know what the impact that the text and the style of the font makes is really impeccable.  The stylish text printed on a brochure looks more relatable and most startling than that of the text on the screen. The stylish text appears more powerful and influential on the paper than on the laptop, mobile or website. You should check out the brochures having different texts and fonts used in different segments of the Trifold and you would feel the impact.


Thus, you can make the most of the tri fold brochure and ensure that your marketing is getting done in the most effective manner and at the grassroots too. After all, these tri-fold pieces are really enticing and informative for anyone.



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