Home Business Why it is Business Friendly to open a Company in USA?

Why it is Business Friendly to open a Company in USA?

Why it is Business Friendly to open a Company in USA?

It’s no secret that the United States is a country of entrepreneurs. In the United States, politics and business are clearly delineated; therefore there are no barriers for Indian business in the states. The US government promotes small business development. US banks are very loyal to small businesses. The highest index of consumption of goods and services in the world is in America. Americans are open to new things, so there are practically no occupied niches there. There is a demand for any offer. There are 30.2 million small businesses in the US, each in its own niche.

It is important to note that it is possible for Company registration in USA from India for an Indian citizen in the United States without citizenship and even a visa. It is necessary to issue a power of attorney for a representative of a reliable American law firm, which will help organize the entire process of opening your company In the US, includes bank account opening.

Benefits of the US company registration

American partners are quite open. Thematic meetings (meetup), exhibitions (tradeshows) are very common. Networking is well developed in the USA. The manager of an office building does everything to ensure that the companies located in the building are aware of each other’s services and goods. The market is very flexible and adaptable to you.

Opening a bank account

To open a bank account with a US bank, two apostilled IDs are required. Personal presence may not be required (depends on the bank, state, and experience of the lawyer who will handle your case). But it’s important to provide a US address, so it’s safer to work with a CFO in the USA to help resolve this issue. Also, he can help you obtain an ITIN number. American banks very strictly observe the secrecy of personal information. Upon opening a bank account, a card will be issued that can be used all over the world. A checkbook is also issued (in the USA it still has a place to be).

Business-friendly states

New York, Delaware, Nevada, Florida, Wyoming, New Mexico.

In Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming, there are no taxes at all (except for a one-time annual re-registration fee). In the other states mentioned, taxes are quite low.

In the United States, Delaware is one of the states. It is believed that Delaware’s legislation is the most convenient from the point of view of business, especially – large corporate executives. This is because most of the famous and large US companies are registered, as does the presence of a separate court whose judges are specialized in company disputes in the state of Delaware, even if they are located in other states.

Benefits of registering a limited liability company (LLC) in Delaware

A limited liability company is a kind of combination of corporation and partnership. Like a corporation, a limited liability company is a separate legal entity, independent of its members – in this regard, the members are not personally liable for the debts and obligations of the limited liability company. The advantage of a limited liability company over a limited partnership is the absence of such a category as a General Partner, which is personally liable for the obligations of the partnership.


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