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Why Heroin Addiction is So Incredibly Dangerous


It is quite strange that despite there being so much information out there regarding the ill effects of using drugs, the number of substance abuse addicts is still rising alarmingly. More and more centers for drug detox are opening up with addicts of all ages and genders wanting to leave their lives of abuse behind and starting afresh.

What is heroin?

The drug, heroin, is part of the gamut of pain-relievers available, called narcotics. It is extracted from a flower called opium poppy which grows in some regions of South America, Asia, and Mexico.

What does heroin look like?

In its pure form, heroin looks like it and has the consistency of white powder. It can also be dark brown in color. A type of heroin called black tar is sticky or hard in consistency and in terms of appearance, it looks like roofing tar.   

Why is heroin illegal?

Unlike other narcotics like morphine or codeine, heroin is illegal as it is extremely addictive and has very severe side effects. People who have had it just once are hooked on to it and face all negative consequences related to heroin addiction in just a matter of a few months into it.

What is heroin also known as?

Heroin is called by many names. A few of them are junk, horse, TNT, smack, Big H, black tar, and Caballo (in Spanish). When heroin is mixed with crack cocaine, it is known as 8-ball.

How do users take it and what are its effects?

In its pure form, heroin is inhaled. However, users smoke or inject it too.

The minute a user takes it, they experience an intense rush of euphoria and relaxation. Soon after, they feel as if they are getting drowsy. Some people feel the onset of nausea too.

Why are there scars on the arms of most users?

Many residents at a drug rehab in Connecticut, say that their heroin addiction led them to inject themselves several times a day with the drug. As time passed, the marks left by the needles, called tracks, became permanent scars.

The most dangerous part of this addiction is the sharing of needles. Many addicts who share needles get infected with diseases like Hepatitis B or C, and many of them even get HIV, which leads to AIDS.

Why is this addiction so dangerous?

As mentioned before, many users are addicted after just using it once – that’s how incredibly addictive this drug is. All heroin users keep craving their next dose on a constant basis and find it extremely difficult to stop using this drug.

If a heroin user goes ‘cold turkey’ or is unable to get the next dose, they start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some of these are:

  • Feelings of panic and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chills
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle pain

Most users are unable to deal with these symptoms and take their next dose. This is known as a relapse. However, with expert medical guidance, one can manage these symptoms and recover from their addiction too. You can call up a drug addiction hotline and ask for help if you or a loved one is suffering from this addiction and want to reclaim your life.


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