Home Family Health Why gel-based hair colours work best for working women during winters

Why gel-based hair colours work best for working women during winters

Why gel-based hair colours work best for working women during winters

With the oncoming of winters, taking extra care of hair from the chilling weather and wind becomes of utmost importance, since they make our hair dry and rough. While this is not so difficult for those sitting at home, it is, however, not possible for the working women who have to constantly meet new deadlines while also managing their household chores. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot follow the latest hair coloring trends to look more presentable and beautiful. Did you know that the best hair color for women in winter is any chemical-free hair color that comes in a gel formulation? Thanks to these natural gel-based hair colors, it has now become super easy and practical to color those Greyson your own. No more parlor visits, no more wasting time waiting in lines for your turn to come. Now color your hair smoothly sitting right at home, by spending not more than an hour without consulting any hairstylist.

Why a gel-based hair color is an ideal option for working women during winters?

Before debating about the best hair colour for women, it is crucial to understand why gel-based hair colors are best for working women and how they can protect your hair during winters.

Working women have to travel frequently. This lodges dirt, dust, and pollution on their crowning glories causing irreparable damage in the long run. During winters, the rate of this hair damage increases exponentially as the chilling winds take away the moisture from the scalp making them look dull and dry. To look more presentable and groomed, women then opt for hair colors, but due to lack of time, they often fall for the wrong bait. Also, the risk associated with generic hair colors is even more as they contain harmful chemicals like Ammonia, Bleach, PPD, and metals like Barium. All these concerns get easily resolved if we simply opt for a chemical-free hair color that is also gel-based.

Benefits of a gel-based hair color

  • Easy to apply at home with the pleasant aroma of fresh oranges it renders a rich color tone.
  • Free from harmful chemicals like ammonia, PPD, and heavy metals like barium.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair to improve its texture.
  • Effectively covers the resistant greys with a single application.
  • Its natural ingredients not just repair damaged hair, but also prevent further damage generally caused by chemical-based generic hair colors.

Which gel hair color is recommended for women for the upcoming winters?

Indus Valley’s Gel Based Hair Colours come with the goodness of 8 certified organic herbs that not just color your hair, but also nourish them from the inside out. The gel base makes it super easy to color your hair at home. And what more, you can also choose between 6 exciting shades. Being ammonia-free, it also does not have any pungent smells, instead, it carries the lingering aroma of fresh oranges. A single application would last for up to 4 to 6 weeks. All these qualities make the gel hair color the best hair color for women for use during winters. Being chemical-free hair colors, they are also safe for all hair types and recommended by doctors. So, this winter, give your hair the best care with gel-based herbal hair colors from the stables of Indus Valley.


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