Home Business Why does Business Coaching make it easier to sell your business?

Why does Business Coaching make it easier to sell your business?

Why does Business Coaching make it easier to sell your business?

How to value the sale of your business becomes a key question for business leaders after a professional life devoted to the development and management of their company.

Ideally, the transfer of the company is prepared between 3 and 5 years before the date of the sale. Often leaders call on the business coach one to two years before the deadline. We advise you to anticipate the sale of your company as well as possible to successfully complete this step.

The main objective is to strengthen the financial health of the company, but also to organize it so that the presence of the manager is no longer essential to its operation.

In an ideal situation, a buyer with little or no knowledge of the business should be able to manage it with the team in place. In this case, the number of potential buyers is greater, thus increasing the redemption value. That’s the logic you need to have in mind.

The business coach intervenes at different levels by adapting the content of his intervention according to the situation of the company, the aspirations of the transferor as well as his level of preparation for his departure from his company:

Alignment of the company’s situation with the personal and professional objectives of the leader

Definition of objectives and a work schedule

Accompanying the leader in a new role for him

Organization of the company, training / empowerment of the teams or even preparation for a takeover by one or more employees

Search for buyers corresponding to the aspirations of the seller according to human, strategic and financial criteria

Clarification of the takeover project with the seller and the buyer and support to ensure the success of the operation and the sustainability of the company and its values.

The objective that we set ourselves is to allow our clients to succeed in this transfer with serenity, in the preservation of their interests, but also with increased confidence in the success of their successor and the sustainability of their business.

The Management Committee

Business development goes through different stages. The leader is initially the only manager and directly manages the employees before gradually relying on “lieutenants” who report directly to him. As soon as a threshold of 20 to 30 employees is crossed, the various managers must learn to work together, as peers.


The role of the Management Committee is to allow everyone to understand the problems of the other functions, to appropriate them and thus be able to contribute actively to the overall success of the company.


The Business Coach works closely with the entrepreneur and his directors at different levels:

Understanding the challenges of the Management Committee

Appropriate the methodology, rules of the game, rituals

Define and use company values

Learn to set common goals

Plan, monitor, set up performance indicators

Defining effective communication…

The business coach makes it possible to avoid the pitfalls generally encountered when setting up Management Committees, to give them meaning, to align all the members, and to make it a real tool for developing the business. He intervenes directly with business leaders while regularly participating in meetings for methodological interventions and a better understanding of the progress to be made.

The Business Coach can also help individual members of the Management Committee to help them better integrate into this mode of operation.

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