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Why consult a podiatrist?

Why consult a podiatrist?
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What is a podiatrist?

Do you practice a high-level sport or simply for pleasure? Do you work standing up? Do your children walk with their feet inward? Are you diabetic? Do your nails make you suffer?

All these questions have one thing in common: they start from the feet or ask them greatly. They are among the most important parts of your body, but also among the most neglected.

Do you want to take care of them, continue to walk without pain or simply know in what state your feet and your gait are in relation to normality? The podiatrist is the health professional who can answer your questions and adequately assess their condition.

Although many people associate the podiatrist with the professional treating foot ailments, the fields of practice of the profession as well as the training still raise questions.

The podiatrist can treat people of all ages, whether children, professionals, athletes or the elderly.

The scope of practice of podiatry ranges from foot care and preventive care to the practice of injections and surgical procedures, while passing through the biomechanical examination and the prescription of custom- made foot orthotics. The podiatrist may prescribe and administer medication in his practice and prescribe appropriate radiological examinations.

For sportive people

Sport is an integral part of many people’s lives and has many health benefits. However, some injuries can occur as a result of activity. The podiatrist can treat your foot pain using joint mobilization, muscle work techniques, therapeutic bandages and custom plantar orthotics. He is also able to carry out a complete evaluation of the lower limbs since sometimes injuries adjacent to the ankles, knees and back can be linked to poor foot position. Plantar orthotics can also be adapted for your favorite sport whether it’s running, downhill skiing, hockey, cycling or other!

For kids

From any age, a child can be evaluated by a podiatrist. Frequent falls, pain in the evening or during activity, inward feet, an ingrown toenail or even the appearance of a plantar wart are all frequent reasons for consultation. A complete biomechanical assessment of lower extremity movements can give you an accurate picture of your child’s development and growth compared to normal. Appropriate treatments and recommendations can then be suggested.

For diabetics

Since a loss of sensation in the feet is often associated with diabetes, it is essential to have them evaluated regularly to ensure the integrity of the skin. Podiatric care varies from preventive foot care to ulcer treatment, including advice on hygiene and assessment of the overall condition of the feet.

For old people

Do your nails get thick over time and painful calluses form under your feet? Foot care consists of aggressive nail thinning as well as debridement of hyperkeratosis using a scalpel.

Several other services are also available with Hixson TN podiatrist. Please note that no medical reference is required to make an appointment and that consultations are covered by most private insurances.


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