Home News Who is in charge of carrying out the Sports Marketing Campaigns?

Who is in charge of carrying out the Sports Marketing Campaigns?

Who is in charge of carrying out the Sports Marketing Campaigns?

Sport has always been a sector capable of mobilizing masses and reaching large audiences. The passion that it arouses in its fans and that goes beyond mere entertainment makes it a business opportunity for any company to make itself known and increase its brand awareness.

This passion for sports, based mainly on feelings and which is very well promoted by brands through emotional marketing, is what makes sports marketing so effective. Brands seek a positioning linked to the values ​​that an athlete, a team or a sport represents.

When we talk about nba중계 marketing we refer both to the sponsors of the athletes and to advertising in the various traditional and digital media (television, radio, spaces inside the stadium, internet, etc.), and they are not limited to elite sports. Or professional leagues, so we can also find it in semi-professionals, university or school sports, among others.

This subcategory of marketing, created in the 1920s by an American company, continues to grow every day

Types of sports marketing

Within sports marketing we can distinguish two large groups depending on whether it seeks to promote sporting entities and events, or spread sports brands through them. Included in one of these groups, sports marketing is usually classified into three types, although there are those who refer to a fourth.

Marketing in general sports: This type of marketing is used by companies to boost the brand’s own visibility and issue messages that are associated with the benefits that sports and healthy living bring.

Marketing of sporting events: In addition to promoting the event itself, one of the main objectives pursued by this type of marketing is to generate ROI for the sponsors who participate in it. Sporting events move a large amount of money and have great visibility, some of them being broadcast on television worldwide such as the Super Bowl or the Olympic Games.

– Marketing of sports products or services:

In this type of marketing, what is sought is to promote the sale of a product or service through the association of the values ​​of the athlete or sport to the product or service. Athletes act as influencers to generate greater engagement with fans, who feel identified with them.

– Marketing of entities or athletes: In this type of marketing, it is the sports entities or the athletes themselves who seek to be associated with a brand with values, such as social entities. This gives visibility to the brand while improving the image of the sponsored.

Sports marketing strategies


There are numerous strategies for sports marketing, but in all of them the main thing is to focus on the customer.


Identify your target audience.

Position your brand by relying on the logo, which must be visible and recognizable.

Generate a solid , convincing and targeted message to your target audience.

Select the channels through which you are going to broadcast it, always taking into account who it is aimed at and, therefore, where your audience moves.

Collaborate with influencers or associations that can help you attract new audiences and improve your brand image.

Create sporting events , which are very attractive and have the potential to reach part of the audience that you do not reach through other actions.



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