Home Technology Which junkyard pays more for your car?

Which junkyard pays more for your car?

Which junkyard pays more for your car?

Having to take the car to the junkyard is not pleasant. However, when the time comes, the best way to say goodbye to your vehicle is to look for a scrap yard that offers the best appraisal for it… and that makes all the procedures as easy as possible. When processing the final removal of a vehicle, several details must be taken into account. Among them, the necessary documentation that must be provided to notify the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), how to take the car to the scrapyard and how much they will pay you for it. Next, we clarify all the doubts that revolve around this topic.

Which junkyard pays more for your car?

When the end of the useful life of a vehicle arrives, the best option to deregister it is to go to an Authorized Vehicle Treatment Center (CATV), popularly known as scrapping, where they will proceed to carry out an appraisal of it. Skrotpriser have municipal licenses that allow them to carry out the process. In this sense, it is advisable to establish a comparison between different centers until finding the maximum appraisal.

In this sense, it is best to locate services such as Desguaces Costilla (Toledo), since through its website it allows you to enter the data of your vehicle, as well as a photo, to carry out a personalized appraisal of your car. It may seem like a minor detail, but the truth is that if, despite the fact that your car is going to be scrapped, it is in a reasonably good condition, you will be able to obtain a fairer appraisal for it. In addition, these center also offers to manage the paperwork and the transfer of the car to the scrapyard; an option that allows the driver not to worry about the procedures.

What do you have to do to take the car to the scrapyard?

But before disposing of a vehicle, it is necessary to fill in the documentation that proves the will to remove it from circulation. This means that it is not enough to stop using it. There is a specific regulation established by the General Directorate of Traffic for this type of situation that must be complied with.

Let’s remember that, since 2004, definitive cancellations are irrevocable. With this regulation, it is intended that through casualties, vehicles are destroyed after having been subjected to a decontamination process and treatment of their waste and parts by the scrapyard. Therefore, before deregistering a vehicle, it must be clear that we will never use it again.

How to take a car to the scrapyard?

As we pointed out, the procedures to request the removal of a vehicle must be completed in an authorized scrapyard. Thus, it is not necessary to go to the Traffic offices. Once an appointment has been requested, the documents to be delivered and the procedure to follow with your car is as follows:

The vehicle : you must take it to the scrapyard yourself. If the car has been declared a sinister, the insurance company must do so. In the case of needing a tow truck, many of these centers also offer this service.

Technical file: it contains all the data of the car necessary when making the assessment and checking the origin of the vehicle.

Vehicle circulation permit: this document -issued by the DGT- authorizes circulation and indicates the details of the owner, the make and model of the car.

Photocopy of the DNI or NIE : in the case of not being a natural person or the person to whom the car belonged has died, you must contact the scrapyard to be told what documents you will need to provide in addition to the indicated documentation.

Sign the definitive withdrawal request:

this document is also issued by the DGT and is the final permit that allows the vehicle to be taken out of circulation. Thanks to this permit, it will also be stated that the car will be removed following all the regulations required by law.

After having delivered all the documents, the scrap yard will deliver two documents: the certificate of destruction of the vehicle and the proof of definitive removal from the DGT registry . It is important to keep both copies, since without them you will not be able to prove to any authority that demands payment of road taxes, for example, that the vehicle has already been deregistered.

These certificates guarantee that the car has been destroyed under the current legality of decontamination and correct waste treatment, so the car cannot be re-registered nor can the scrapyard sell it to other people.


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