Home Family Health Which Hair Transplant Technique would give you Bollywood like Hair?

Which Hair Transplant Technique would give you Bollywood like Hair?

Which Hair Transplant Technique would give you Bollywood like Hair?

If you are facing baldness and hair loss in an early age and want to have hair like Bollywood actors then undergoing the hair transplant surgery is the only option remains in front of you. You may approach the Hair Grow products but either they don’t show the result or take a couple of months to grow hair. But there are two famous hair transplant surgeries are available which can give you instant results like Bollywood actors.

Male baldness is a problem that modern medicine has tried to solve without success until recently. The impact of hair loss varies depending on the person who suffers causing changes in lifestyle, social relationships, and even their personality. Fortunately, thanks to the medical advances made in recent years, hair transplantation has become the most effective method to combat alopecia according to the opinion of patients and specialists. Within the Bollywood hair transplant, we have two different procedures: the FUE technique and the FUT or FUSS technique.

FUE Technique

A Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE; Follicular Unit Extraction, in English) is a capillary micrograft procedure that involves the extraction of follicular units that are reinserted in the area you want to repopulate. These follicular units are small groups of hairs next to the glands, muscles, blood vessels and other components that make up the capillary fundamental biological unit. Follicular units are small groups of one, two, three or four hairs, determined naturally by the genetics of each individual.

These are extracted from your hair donation areas and are aimed at redistributing hair follicles to other areas. Individual extraction of hair follicles from donor areas produces circular scars smaller than 1 mm. that are not noticeable to the eye; therefore, no stitches are needed. To improve effectiveness, we extract the follicular units next to blood capillaries, sebaceous glands (fat), erector hair muscles (or piloerectors) and stem cells (located in the bulge and bulb), which make the FUE technique an intervention of very advanced natural hair transplant ludhiana.

FUT or FUSS Technique

It consists of extracting a scalp strip from the area with hair to generate the new grafts. The removed strip, which is usually one or two centimeters wide, is divided into several micro grafts to be subsequently implanted in the appropriate area. This technique is painless and we use local anesthesia. The scar resulting from the extraction of the donor area is barely visible and can be hidden with the hair thanks to a special type of suture developed to grow hair through the scar, being totally imperceptible.

Follicular units are small groups of one to four hairs (determined naturally by the genetics of each individual) that are extracted from the areas of hair donation of the patient, and which are aimed at redistributing hair follicles to other areas. The removal of hair follicles for grafting in the FUT / FUSS technique is performed by minor surgery. In it, the patient receives an injection with local anesthesia in the part to be treated and, with a scalpel, a fine incision is made in the area with natural hair to extract the capillary strip.


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