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Which Flowers Will Make Your Wedding Memorable And Beautiful

Which Flowers Will Make Your Wedding Memorable And Beautiful

It is said that in the whole journey of our life, three major events happen in our life. The first one is birth, the second one is the wedding and the third and last one is dead. But the thing is the only wedding is the event which happens in reality for us. Look what parents did during our birth we didn’t see, what our kids will do in our funeral, we are not going to see. But the wedding is the only event which we feel, live, see and enjoy. So it should be the best event of life. We all have so many dreams for our wedding, especially about decoration. But let me tell you one thing, you can’t imagine your wedding decoration without flowers. Flowers not only enhance the beauty of the decor but also add extra freshness. The presence of flowers in the wedding, automatically, increases the excitement. You know, the wedding is the meeting of two souls who are made for each other. A wedding is the celebration of love,  togetherness, being together forever. So what can be a better way to bless the couple than flowers. So today, I will tell you about some flowers which are perfect for the wedding.



First, let’s start with the roses, the symbol of love. This flower has another charm and space in our hearts, especially for red roses. Every wedding decor is incomplete without red roses and a wedding bouquet. You can order rose bouquet online, or you can buy from the street side florist. But you should definitely add this flower. Not only red roses, except black you can use all colors of roses. If you are thinking of making your wedding bouquet only with roses. You can add a red rose, pink rose, yellow rose, orange rose, white rose, etc. You can use these roses for decoration without thinking about anything.  And if you are planning to do a Christmas wedding just go with a white rose. When you order a cake, that time also orders roses. You can order online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore.


If you are looking for the flower simple but elegant. This will be perfect for and according to your choice, stephanotis.  People widely choose this flower, especially for weddings. Because this flower symbolizes “marital happiness”. This is the reason why so many brides choose this flower over any other flowers. You can also go with this flower, and you will get this flower in an affordable range. If someone can send flowers to Kolkata. Because in Kolkata, it is easily available and at a cheap price. Its aroma is so beautiful and calm. You must order this flower.


Lily, what to say about this flower. The aroma and the beauty of this flower say, its story itself. Every wedding is incomplete without the appearance of Lily. It can be a guest appearance, but its appearance is required. No doubt, its beauty is in its simplicity and fragrance. The fragrance of this flower can make the atmosphere automatically happy and romantic. So don’t you should definitely add this flower in your wedding bouquet and decor.


The next one in today’s flower list is the tulip. Tulip is one of the most romantic flowers ever, especially red tulip. This is the first choice when we think of replacing roses with any other flower. So how can we think of wedding flowers without adding this? Tulip will create a beautiful and memorable moment by just it’s present. So if you don’t want to go with roses, you can definitely go with this one.


Orchid, when we think about elegance orchid comes first in our mind. Orchids are like luxurious ornaments, that’s why people like me call them ” ornament flowers”. Orchids are a bit costlier than the above-mentioned flowers. But when we talk about elegance, none of the flowers can match its level. I think this is the beauty and importance of this flower. Orchid is a classy and sophisticated flower. So without any hesitation and thinking much about the budget, you can order orchids online.

These are the flowers that you can use for both the purpose of gift and decor. Every flower has its own importance and beauty. So if you will ask me, which one is your favorite. It will be a bit difficult to choose among them. But you have to choose, or you can go with all. This flower will bless the newly wedding couple and fulfill lots of happiness and smile in their new journey of life. That they both are going to start together.


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