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Where To Watch The Premier League

Where To Watch The Premier League

You can watch the Premier League from a lot of countries. I couldn’t find any free stream where to watch Premier League live for free. But some countries offer cheaper options than others to watch the Premier League live on the Internet. I have listed the most popular ones, but you have to be an English speaker…

Sky Sports/Sky Go (UK)

On Sky Sports and Sky Go, Premier League fans will be able to watch hundreds of matches live next season. In addition, Sky Sports has created new channels dedicated to the EPL (English Premier League) and football: Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football. With a VPN connected to an English server, you can subscribe to their services and watch all these matches live!

BT Sport (UK)

BT Sport will broadcast 42 exclusive Premier League matches live 스포츠중계 next season. And its goal is to provide football fans with a great football experience with highlights and match analysis. To subscribe to BT Sport and watch the EPL live stream, connect your VPN to a server located in the UK!

Optus Sports (AU)

This Australian television service is not expensive. But it has the rights to the PL and offers channels dedicated to streaming the Premier League. With a VPN, you can watch Optus Sports outside of Australia. You just have to connect to an Australian server and you can subscribe and/or watch the English Premier League matches live!

Sling (EE.UU.)

The Sling TV package is very affordable and you can watch the Premier League matches. So it’s a real option for any football fan. And you won’t need a cable subscription to watch Sling, which is pretty cool. To access Sling outside of the US, you need to connect to a US server. Then you can subscribe and watch EPL live streaming.

SportsNet (CA)

Canada’s SportsNet is broadcasting 190 Premier League matches online with SportsNet NOW and SportsNet World NOW. And fans can also visit their website for videos, highlights and news from around the PL. To watch SportsNet outside of Canada, connect to a Canadian server. So refresh the page and subscribe to watch the English league.


In the Middle East, BeIN has the rights to English football. And it is one of the cheapest packages in this article for streaming the Premier League. So if you haven’t signed up yet, take a look at their rates. BeIN is limited to the Middle East, so you’ll need to connect to a server in North Africa or the United Arab Emirates. Then you will be able to subscribe to the channel and watch the English Premier League matches!



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