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When Will Your Cosmetic Specialist Suggest Inlays and Onlays?

When Will Your Cosmetic Specialist Suggest Inlays and Onlays?

Nowadays, the impression of your smile plays a vital role in different aspects of your life. From your social communications to oral well-being, all these factors are affected by your smile quality. Research shows that people who tend to smile more easily have better mental health and are usually happier than others. Yet, not everyone is blessed with a flawless smile, and people suffer from different aesthetic problems. These imperfections directly affect your self-confidence and make you feel ashamed of showing your teeth. Now the question is, what can be done to solve this matter? The answer is hidden in cosmetic dentistry services. It’s an advanced branch of dentistry focused on your smile appearance and offering related services. One of the less unknown services these professionals provide is inlay and onlay. They are usually used to repair poorly shaped and damaged teeth or as an alternative to crowns, fillings, etc. Unfortunately, many lack information about these fantastic restorations, which makes them confused when a cosmetic dentist recommends inlays and onlays. Keep reading this article to understand every critical thing about this procedure.

They Reconstruct Your Smile.

The most important thing about those restorations is the aesthetic benefits you receive. Your cosmetic expert may suggest they address a specific type of damage to the tooth and rejuvenate your smile. As a professional dentist offering top cosmetic dental treatment in Burnaby states, after repairing tooth damages, your smile will look young and gorgeous, which can significantly increase your self-confidence. They are a great alternative to amalgam fillings, almost considered a traditional method.


They Extend Your Tooth Lifespan.

If you are looking for a method to increase the life of your tooth, you can consider inlays and onlays. They are made from high-quality and durable materials such as gold or porcelain, which is a great advantage. Your cosmetic dental professional can use these restorations as protection for your vulnerable tooth so it becomes resistant to damage and degradation. It’s an advantage that you may not find when you choose other selections like cosmetic veneers or fillings.

They Reduce the Risk of Expanded Fillings.

As you probably know, tooth decay is the most widespread oral health issue, usually addressed by a filling. However, this procedure may weaken your tooth and make it more valuable than expected. That’s why some patients with decayed teeth prefer inlays and onlays over cosmetic dental fillings to prevent potential problems in the future. While filings have the risk of reduced strength, your cosmetic dentist strengthens your damaged tooth using inlays and onlays. Therefore, you are less likely to experience issues like infection, disease, etc.,

They are a Long-Lasting Solution.

If you have compromised teeth and they are not esthetically pleasant, it’s time to visit a cosmetic expert. They may utilize inlays and onlays to address cavities, additional damage, or any injury to the cusps of your tooth. The process includes removing the damaged portion of your tooth and replacing it with cemented restorations. Finally, you can enjoy your charming smile that looks ideally natural and pleasant.

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