Home Exclusive When is the Right Time to Book Cottages in Jim Corbett?

When is the Right Time to Book Cottages in Jim Corbett?

When is the Right Time to Book Cottages in Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful attractions of India where vacationers from all over the world come in large number to see the beauty of natural surroundings. This is an incredible spot where you can see rare species of animals and birds, striking fauna and flora, have a great time in the best weather, have a wonderful relaxing time and much more. However, before you decide to explore this beautiful place you need to know when it is the best time to book cottages in Jim Corbett.

Now, the question that comes to everyone’s mind is that – when is the best time to plan a visit to Jim Corbett National Park and book the accommodation accordingly. It goes without saying that you have to consider booking the rooms before you even decide to create an itinerary of the national park.

Monsoon Time of year – During July to September Months

Even though the monsoon time of year is usually not considered to be that appealing period for the travellers to come over to Jim Corbett National Park, yet we would recommend you should once try to plan your visit to this place during this season provided you won’t wish to visit this site during the peak time. Basically, during this time, most of the tourist crowd isn’t there and you can have a relaxing time with your loved ones far away from the hectic work life. Besides, why we are saying that it is the perfect time to book cottages in Jim Corbett because you can have exhilarating time doing trekking with your friends and even family members.

It is during the monsoon time that weather is very pleasant and good for trekking. Well, we will not forget to inform you about the fact that this place isn’t safe during heavy rainy season as chances of landslides do increases. Hence, you should plan to come to this place before checking the weather forecast.

Winter Time of year – Within October to February

In wintertime of year, you will observe that this national park becomes a true habitat of stunning and unnoticed species of birds. So, for bird lovers, this is the most charismatic period to come to this beautiful place as you will definitely get a chance to see the unseen diversity of birds there. Besides birds, you can sight regal Bengal tiger wandering around the park in the wintertime of year. During the night time, the temperature of the national park usually drops to 5 degree Celsius. Nevertheless, the day time is quite temperate and enjoyable. In the day time, faunae do come out of their habitats out in the open to laze around in sun; so you will able to see more animals during this time of the year.

Wrapping up

Come and visit Jim Corbett National Park to have wonderful time along with your family members and close friends in the midst of natural surroundings. Book your cottages in Jim Corbett now!


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