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What You Don’t Know About Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

What You Don’t Know About Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

In all important applications, bolt clamping is currently the preferred technique for tightening screws and studs. Uses for bolt straps include pipeline manifolds, exchangers, compressed gases, compressors covers, steam boiler compressors, turbines, and many more. Designers provide a wide selection of bolt belt tensioners to best meet your needs for Hydraulic bolt tensioners. According to the relevant Pressure Device and Equipment Edicts, our bolt cam phasers and components have a CE mark.


The primary pipeline, sometimes known as the “parent pipeline,” is the one where the liquid flows. Branch pipes are indeed the pipelines to which the maternal pipeline may be attached. The territory offers services for hot tapping.

Monitoring locations where thermometric can be inserted.

Before digging for an operational pipe can start, there are many things to take into account. Pipe lengths, flange rating, valves flange bond between people, altitude just above valve, flange materials, tapping direction, element of construction, developed a way, assessment framework, but whether the tap connections are stress released and hydraulic tested after tapping are all factors.

Hot Striking &Line Stoppling are 2 separate, yet mutually dependent, very significant processes that must adhere to numerous design and safety requirements.

Hot tapped has the following features: – It is possible to undertake this procedure without shutting down the plant; – So no need to disrupt supplies to other locations; – It is affordable to modify the pipeline.

Regarding hot pressing, the procedure must be absolutely free of sparks and flames. Before intending to bore on a live line, the installation rig must frequently be shown on another rig first.

The following items are commonly found in a hot-pressing computer:

  • A telescopic bored bar and an increased cutting tool are the components of a hot-tapped device.
  • The drill press can be withdrawn thanks to the Full throttle valve, which also functions as a check valve.
  • A full policy of containment split Tee, RF pad, or soldering (weld or bolted) that controls pressure and offers a connecting outlet is used to attach to the existing structure.
  • The current pipe is cleaned by removing the cutters and piloting with a coupon.
  • The starter drill device holds the coupon.

Process of Hot Scratching:

To quickly describe the procedure as it happens in hot tapped pipeline: Hot tapped a conduit involves numerous efforts – procedures and collaboration with facility and sites employees and officials.

Step 1: Mounting the hot pressing machine to the faucet valve. Prior to this, situationally, the splitting Tees, Weld o Lets, RF pads, or mounts are attached using screwed connections or are soldered to the pipe.

Step 2: The heated tap is initiated after the Chopper Unit is pushed until it makes contact with the parental pipe.

Step 3: The substance fills the space whenever the aviator bursts through.


For huge economies of scale operations that, for instance, convert petroleum products into diverse petrochemical compounds, productivity is essential to preserving revenue.

Steamed, flare gas, petroleum products, water, and other pipeline fluid medium must be handled carefully when the pipelines transporting them are tapped into, and the stream is then transferred to a tunnel and transported to its intended destination.

To maintain safety and minimize lost productivity, extreme caution is required while hot tapped a garden hose or perhaps a petroleum & energy pipeline.


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