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What to Do If Your Gas Boiler Keeps Tripping the Reset Button

What to Do If Your Gas Boiler Keeps Tripping the Reset Button

Is your gas boiler’s reset button constantly tripping? Do you know what you’ll do if it happens? One of the most regularly misinterpreted elements of furnace upkeep in residences that use fuel oil is resetting the boiler. In this article, we’ll try to dispel some of the most common myths by offering practical advice that will keep your Burnham gas boiler system running smoothly for years to come.

What Is the Purpose of a Boiler Reset Button?

Every home furnace has a visible red reset button. When a problem is detected, this safety feature is designed to activate automatically, shutting down your furnace. Sometimes this happens by accident, and getting your system back up and running is as simple as pressing a button.

However, if resetting your furnace does not resolve the problem, there is a good chance that the problem is more serious and that service is required.

What Can Trigger a Reset Button?

A furnace reset button is linked to a sensor that monitors your burner’s flame. When the flame goes out, the reset button is pressed, and the system shuts down to protect itself from further damage. A burner’s flame can go out for a variety of reasons, some of which are simple to fix while others necessitate professional assistance:

Fuel is running out: The most obvious reason for furnace failure is a lack of heating oil. Keeping your oil tank full has several advantages, the most obvious being that fuel is required for your burner to operate. If a furnace reset button is tripped due to a lack of fuel, contact Smart Touch Energy immediately to arrange for delivery.

Unfortunately, filling a tank from empty necessitates specialised prime and restart service in order to avoid causing damage to your burner. Avoid the problem entirely by enrolling in our convenient Automatic Delivery programme and ensuring that you always have enough oil on hand.

Closed valves: If you have oil in your tank but your oil reset button keeps tripping, it means that something is preventing the fuel from reaching your burner. Have any of the valves on your fuel line been accidentally closed? Make sure to double-check before proceeding.

How to Restart an Oil Burner

If your oil furnace starts and then shuts down, you must first locate the reset button on your furnace in order to restart it.

  • What is the location of the reset button? The reset button is usually located on the side of the blower motor inside the blower compartment.
  • When is it appropriate to press the reset button? To begin, locate your circuit breaker and turn off the furnace’s power supply. Then, if the button is up, press it to reset your furnace.
  • What if the reset button continues to appear? Don’t press it again because it will continue to pump more oil into the furnace, exacerbating any existing problems.

This is all you need to know about boiler reset button tripping. Browse the internet to know more about a Burnham gas boiler.


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