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What to Consider in a New Kitchen Design

What to Consider in a New Kitchen Design

Is it time to change the look of the kitchen? Designing a new kitchen can help make it more comfortable and relaxing to use, make it more accessible, or get the home ready to sell. No matter what the desired outcome is, there are a few things to consider for the design that can have a big impact.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls can change the overall mood or look of the kitchen, and it’s often a way to have a big impact without a huge expense or a lot of work. Simply changing the paint color can modernize the kitchen and help it look better, even if nothing else is changed. For a more modern look, opt for a bold color or a lighter neutral.

Paint the Cabinets

Today, many homeowners are painting the cabinets in the kitchen for a more unique look. The old wood look is out. The cabinets can be painted just about any color, though it’s a good idea to find one that complements the flooring and walls in the kitchen. This still leaves plenty of options, including a two-tone look with the upper and lower cabinets painted a different color.

Replace the Flooring

Though it’s a little more work, replacing the flooring is something else that can have a huge impact on how the kitchen looks. If the flooring is outdated or has seen better days, look into the many options available now. Since the kitchen does see a lot of water during everyday use, opt for tile or another water-resistant flooring. This will help it last longer.

Replace the Countertops

Depending on the countertop material and age, it might be a good idea to purchase new ones. Today, granite, quartz, marble, and similar materials are incredibly popular, as they can be long-lasting. Be sure to pick a material that is easy to care for and understand the maintenance requirements before having it installed.

Add New Decor

New decor can make a difference in how the kitchen looks. Even if only a few things are changed, by opting for matching or complementary decor, it’s possible to create a whole new look for just a little bit of money. Consider sticking with a theme, whether that’s an object or a color, for the decor to make sure everything look great together.

Swap Out Small Appliances

Today, there are tons of options for small appliances. If any appliances are kept on the kitchen counters, pick out appliances that match and that will look good in the kitchen. Opt for colored appliances, instead of black or white, where possible to add a little bit of color to the room and to help them look like they belong there. This will help cut down on the cluttered look, even though the small appliances are still on the counter.

If you’re ready for a change, consider these elements for your new kitchen design. Work with a contractor to make sure everything turns out the way you want and to have a new kitchen that looks amazing as fast as possible.


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