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What Should an Intranet is Essential For Today Corporate Sector

What Should an Intranet is Essential For Today Corporate Sector

In my opinion, if your organization upgrades your intranet on-premises or in the cloud, the latest corporate intranet portal requires the following features: The screenshots in this blog are from an intranet built with AgilityPortal.io. Intranet.

Have a collective group identity

One of the reasons Corporate Intranet Portal fail is isolation. It will be carried over to your intranet. We want to make sure that your website helps all teams work towards a common goal, and that your website has a sense of unity and support.

Increase productivity

As I mentioned earlier, productivity gains and collaboration between employees are one of the most important things an employee intranet solution needs to do. Even if your employees haven’t been in your company for a long time, they should know that your intranet is where your work is done.

Accessible from anywhere

How many of your employees work only in the office? Excuse me, but very little. Today’s employees can work from almost anywhere with a stable internet connection. This means that the intranet needs to be easily accessible inside and outside the office. Employees must have a link that can access the corporate intranet portal and can be accessed from any device.

Encourage a more collaborative and informed workplace

No matter which team someone belongs to, you need to be able to collaborate with other teams using the corporate intranet portal. Everyone should be able to use this site to discuss current and future projects, solve problems and reach their goals. In addition, other members of the organization can stay on top of progress through employee awards and news articles.


The employee intranet solution needs to be a one-stop shop for employees and leadership to collaborate, share and manage information, and get things done. Simplify your work and increase your productivity on a single platform that doesn’t require multiple sites or tools.

Have a sense of community

One of the biggest indicators of Employee Intranet Solution success is the sense of the community. Employees need to feel part of a larger team working together to achieve their business goals. The important thing is that once a user logs in, they can easily find information about the value of the company.

Popular features

The endless range of features you can include on your website makes it easy to decide what to include and what to include. Here are some popular ones to help you make a decision:

    Favorites: One way to encourage users to access your corporate intranet portal frequently is to give them quick access to frequently used pages, tools, resources, or links. This is exactly what the Favorites feature does. Users can access their favorites at any time by selecting a specific resource from the navigation menu.

   Personalize: Like Favorites, Personalize allows users to create My Links, Save Later, Documents, Favorite Sites, Recommendations, and more to quickly access relevant content. I can do it. In addition, this feature only displays content for the user. Additional company information can be accessed from other sources such as news archives, company blogs, and team calendars.

For more sensitive information and resources, the management portal is the best solution. This allows your boss to use a secure login to access the content they need.


    Name: When naming an corporate intranet portal, you need to make sure that it is memorable and represents your company’s values. Therefore, if you are considering using the employee intranet solution, go back to your blueprints.

    Enterprise Search: This is a way for users to find the information they need at once by searching multiple sources, including databases, paper, and document management systems.

It’s a powerful search tool, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore the content. It’s important to make sure that each piece of content is properly tagged and organized so that users can get the correct results.

    Scope Search: Scope search does not search everything, but only specific parts of the website or specific content. Narrow your search to help users quickly find what they’re looking for when the results are displayed in a dropdown or autocomplete range.

    Visual Section: These help guide users through company values ​​and other useful information through background colors, fonts and layouts. For example, some companies combine personalized content with drop-down menus that have a different background than their home page for faster access.

    Drawers and rails: Consider implementing drawers and rails to facilitate content discovery. Put information and tools (quick links, documents, analytics, etc.) in boxes that slide in and out of the page so that users can access the information whenever they’re browsing.


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