Home Lifestyle What Occasion Do Pakistani People Wear Traditional Clothes?

What Occasion Do Pakistani People Wear Traditional Clothes?

What Occasion Do Pakistani People Wear Traditional Clothes?

Pakistani dresses differ depending on the occasion, weather and region of the country. Pakistan has diverse cultures and traditions that are reflected in their clothes, cuisine and festivals as well. Traditional clothes of Pakistan can be easily distinguished based on the occasions they are worn and the regions of Pakistan they are worn by people belonging to that area.

There are different Pakistani traditional clothes for summer wear and winter wear; there are Pakistani clothes that men wear while women wear different types of dresses; here we will learn about Pakistani traditional clothing from those who know the most about it – the people of Pakistan themselves.

Dresses For Weddings

Dresses are one of a woman’s favourite things to wear. A Pakistani traditional dress is typically made of silk and can be either colourful or white. Bright colours, gold and silver threads used on Pakistani dresses make them look very elegant and fashionable.

The clothes worn by a girl before her wedding are called Mehndi outfits, while those worn during weddings are known as Rangoon outfits. Pakistani dresses also have several other names such as Salwar Kameez, Shalwar Kameez and Punjabi suits.

Dresses For Eid

There are many different types of Pakistani dresses that a woman can wear to suit specific occasions. For example, some Pakistani women tend to prefer wearing Salwar Kameez during Eid and others prefer wearing Abaya during religious festivities.

Choosing your dress style is determined by your personal preference, but it’s good to know how they differ in appearance as well as functionality. In Pakistan, there are several traditional outfits you can choose from depending on what you want to accomplish or what occasion you’re dressing up for.

These Pakistani traditional clothes include Abaya, Shalwar Kameez, Anarkali Suits and Kurtas. All of these traditional dresses you can buy online from online stores like Studio by TCS.

Dresses For Casual Wear

Pakistanis are known all over the world for their sense of fashion and style, and each region in Pakistan has different ways of dressing up for any occasion. Pakistani traditional clothes can be categorized into formal wear, semi-formal wear, casual wear, wedding dress and traditional dresses.

This page is dedicated to providing information about how you can select Pakistani dresses according to your needs. Please note that although there are a few rules that apply across all regions of Pakistan, every region has its variations when it comes to outfits for various occasions.

Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dresses for Males

If you have not yet decided on your outfit and jewellery for your wedding, it’s time to decide what you will wear. Traditionally in Pakistan and South Asia, grooms wear a Sherwani or Kurtas with gold jewellery like chains and necklaces. Most grooms also wear gold earrings which are called Kundan earrings.

You could get these made at a local jeweller or just shop online to make your life easier! Wedding ceremonies can be very long so remember to wear comfortable shoes that won’t hurt your feet. A formal Pakistani wedding ceremony is an event where you want to look good but doesn’t want to overdo it either.

So we recommend sticking with a traditional dress code while adding some of your personality through unique jewellery pieces that express who you are as an individual! Remember, don’t forget about accessorizing because that is one of the best ways to express yourself through fashion.


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