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What Makes Factory Audit Important?

What Makes Factory Audit Important?

Before you place an order with any manufacturer in China it is best that you get factory auditing China done. There is always some confusion about factory audit and you may be thinking that why should you get audit report of the factory? You are placing an order and get it done, and then what is the necessity of doing the audit? Isn’t it just wastage of resources and an extra cost to the products that you are importing? Your idea will change once you complete reading this article.

Factory audit

Factory audit is a report that is provided to you by third party factory auditing China service provider. This report will include analysis about the factory performance in terms of

  • Its capability of fulfilling orders as per the requirement by the buyers
  • Its ways of keeping their employees satisfied.
  • How it maintains its plant and machinery
  • The work environment in the factory, like if there are any chances of lockdown in near future!
  • How it negotiates with the vendors and procures materials.

When you get such detailed analysis about the factory with whom you will be doing business you can grow certain expectations. You will get information whether they are delivering the products on time or not. You can also know that as they are procuring raw materials at right rates then you can expect the prices to be good. In other words, this report will help in growing your confidence on the factory. You will know that their employees are satisfied, thus there are no risk that the factory may close down during a period when you order is in process.

Types of Factory Audit

When you go for factory audit you can have it done in three major ways. They are discussed below.

Quality Audit

With this audit report you will get information about whether the products produced by the factory meets the standard or not. Like for any textile industry they must meet the quality standard like ANSI, TQM and ISO.

            Security Audit

The US government asks few firms to confirm that the products they are procuring are from factories that are secured under C-TPAT. With this audit you can ensure that the supply chain is secured from any terrorist activities.

            Social Audit

This audit mainly deals with whether the factory is following the social norms or not. If there is any child labor working in the factory?  Do the employees work according to the government norms? In short this audit will let you know if the factory is following the local government labor laws.

You may be thinking that why should it be your concern that if another factory in another country is following labor laws? It’s due to corporate social responsibility. Until and unless you ask for these things many labors out there may be deprived of what they should be getting. Thus, when you are placing an order make sure that you have done factory auditing done. Else you may face problem while your product is under process.


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