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What Is Written Guided Meditation?

What Is Written Guided Meditation?
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The written guided meditation is something very simple, it consists of a text through which they indicate what you should do, where they explain and describe images and/or situations so that your body gradually enters a state of total relaxation and absolute.

This type of meditation has turned out to be really effective and it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to start practicing in the world of relaxation.

Another of its great advantages is that you can practice it anywhere, without having to go to any meditation center; on the contrary, you can practice it from your home or in a park.

You don’t need to be a professional on the subject to take advantage of its numerous benefits, including achieving peace and reconciliation with your inner child; it is enough to have a nice guided relaxation text at hand.

Guided Relaxation Text

The following guided relaxation text will significantly help you to heal and reconcile your inner child, the main step to later learn and achieve the best ways to protect that being.

Read it calmly, let the words flow through your mind, do it slowly and when you finally finish it, close your eyes and breathe consciously for a couple of minutes.

Now, follow these steps:


  • As it is a visualization exercise, it is best to sit down or lie down in a comfortable place, where you can stay for several minutes.
  • Once you achieve a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe naturally, until you recognize the rhythm of your breathing, then gradually breathe more deeply, slowly and consciously.
  • Now, start by trying to remember and visualize your bedroom as a child as much as you can, such as: What was on the walls? How was your bed?
  • After you visualize that moment of your life, keep remembering what activities you enjoyed, trying to bring to your mind all the memories, what did you play with? What TV shows did you enjoy?
  • Concentrate on recognizing each of the emotions you felt at that moment, try as much as possible to use a wide vocabulary that allows you to get in touch with the feelings you were experiencing.
  • Then, little by little, return your mind to the adult you are currently, analyze: What emotions of that inner child do you still have? Which of the feelings you perceived do you identify with? Do you think those emotions from your childhood define you as an adult?
  • Now, dig a little deeper by remembering those moments or events from your childhood that provoked the emotions that you still have as an adult.
  • The important thing is that you are able to identify what sensations you had or experienced and how these may have affected your present.
  • Use your imagination, to make your adult self and your inner child come into contact, do it starting from the compassion and love you have for yourself.
  • This step is of the utmost importance, it is time to tell your inner child with love and subtlety everything you want to tell him, this in order to forgive his wounds and let him know that everything will be fine.
  • Listen carefully to what he has to tell you and keep only the lessons that can help you have a fuller present.
  • Start saying goodbye with love, letting your inner child know that you want to make amends.
  • Very slowly come back to your present and make your breathing more and more conscious.
  • Slowly move your body and, with a deep exhalation, open your eyes.

You can practice this written guided meditation as many times as you think necessary, and you will see that when you finish each session you will have achieved that peace that you were looking to have with your inner child.



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