Home Lifestyle What is the reason behind that scalp itch?

What is the reason behind that scalp itch?

What is the reason behind that scalp itch?

Try as you might, you can’t ignore a sensitive, inflamed and scratchy scalp. Whys my scalp so itchy, you may wonder?

It can appear out of nowhere and leave you in an embarrassing situation. And although it might feel serious in the moment, in most cases it isn’t. Itchy scalp is a common complaint that almost everyone has had in their lives, usually accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • Scabbed skin
  • Flakes
  • Oily skin
  • Swelling and inflamed skin
  • Bumpy, red patches
  • General discomfort

The question – whys my head so itchy – can have varying answers, depending on the severity and associated symptoms. You might require the expertise of a doctor to adequately identify the ailment and provide you with targeted treatments to clear up the issue.

Whys my scalp itchy – Revealing the top causes of itchy scalp

  1. Itchy scalp and Dandruff – This is one of the biggest culprits in the mystery of whys my head itchy? It’s a scalp condition that finds its roots in sebaceous or oil-secreting glands – particularly on the scalp and the face. Dermatologists have theorised that dandruff is usually caused by a yeast, Malassezia Globosa, that can break down any excessive oil build-up on the scalp. With this condition you will notice flaking, patches of greasy skin, redness and of course, itchiness. Anti-dandruff shampoos can work wonders, such as the Head & Shoulders Neem, which gives you dandruff and germ protection.
  2. Allergic reactions – So, you’ve started using a new haircare product and before long begin to wonder – whys my scalp itchy. This could be the result of your body reacting to chemicals in the new product, with the itch being so subtle that it’s often hard to pinpoint. It’s only when the itching grows beyond control, that you start paying attention. Your symptoms can include excessive oiliness or even a dry scalp, with the product acting as an irritant that can lead to dead skin build-up. According to dermatologists, one of the biggest reasons for allergies is the fragrances used in products. Stop using the product for a week and see if the symptoms subside.
  3. Scalp conditions – Scalp Psoriasis, Eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis are scalp conditions that will bring along an itchy scalp. These all have different causes and can affect different sets of people. Scalp psoriasis, for example, is a genetic autoimmune condition that can cause severe scaling on your scalp. Stress, anxiety, infections, and even the weather can cause flare ups. It is important to avoid self-medication and consult an expert to get medicated shampoos, creams, and gels. These can help you manage the symptoms.
  4. Head Lice – Nits, lice and that terrible urge to scratch, it’s something many have experienced in their childhood. If you want to know ‘whys my hair itchy’ look no further than the people you shared a hat, comb, brush or even a common surface with. That itching sensation comes from the louse biting down into your scalp. Scratching on these bites can often result in small red bumps that get infected by bacteria. You could try lotions that have insecticides to treat head lice, or opt for natural home remedies like wet combing and essential oils.
  5. Scalp Ringworm – Scalp Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection that can be passed on through direct contact with an infected person. Additionally, some dermatologists have suggested that people with pets are also likely to catch this infection from them. It is often visible in round patches on your skin with raised edges. This inflamed skin brings along a severe need to itch and can become tender when scratched. Your dermatologist may prescribe antifungal medication or shampoo to deal with this condition.

Whatever be your reason to itch, there is one rule that dermatologists insist upon – don’t scratch. The more you do, the worse it gets. It’s tough to resist an itchy hair but there are ways to find relief when you have the right solutions at hand.


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