Home News What is the part of the PWD minister in the ruling of Punjab?

What is the part of the PWD minister in the ruling of Punjab?

What is the part of the PWD minister in the ruling of Punjab?

Punjab is one of the enhancing nations in India; the main reason is it is contaminating a great ruling party now. In 2021, an election has performed, and people elected a new ruling party. This ruling party has got the win by a large number of voting differences with the opposite competitive political party.

New ruling party of Punjab:

On this 20th September 2021, the ruling party has changed in Punjab, and Charanjit Singh Channi is selected as the Chief Minister. Moreover, there are a lot of curious things are accessible to know about him, which is he is the first Chief Minister who is selected from the Dalit when you wonder how this happened in Punjab. It is because he is a well-educated and knowledgeable person and does a lot of great social activities for the people in Punjab.

Under him, he created a new cabinet ministry; his chosen ministers are reliably talented and suit great and knowledge with their department of works. Generally, everyone knows what the huge role of the Public Work Department is; there are a lot of things here to take care of in this era. So, choosing and providing a pwd minister Punjab posting to a skilled elected person is considered as the most important one in this situation.

Well-knowledge PWD minister:

The Chief Minister of Punjab provided these postings to the bravest person called Vijay Inder Singla. He is the recent pwd minister Punjab now; without the permission, any public services can’t take further action. However, as a PWD minister, he improved a lot of things in the Public Work Department, such as for the children he implemented an innovative playground, schooling. It helps the kids to learn when relating to following the olden methodologies of garden and education.

Before having a posting of PWD, he had performed a lot of social welfare to the community, participated in the youth election of Punjab, and remained a member of the Lok Sabha. So, from this, you can understand he has participated and got win the various polls. Due to that, he has a lot of experience and knows how to tackle the issues and think plus implement new ideas for the people.

Roles of the PWD minister:

Vijay Inder Singla was born in Ludhiana. He has completed the Computer Science Engineering course; even though he met engineering, he has had his full interest in political activities since his college days. Due to having such a huge dream from their college days in politics, he has turned and performed as a pwd minister Punjab.

 The PWD minister has an important responsibility in the accounts record maintenance, work abstracts, Muster roll, measured books, cashbooks, Goods received sheets, Work-Charged Establishment bills, and a lot more. Tackling all these records as a single man is not possible, so he will divide all these works to different professionals and supervise all the results in the right way or else not.


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