Home Exclusive What is the need of Network Training and why it is important?

What is the need of Network Training and why it is important?

What is the need of Network Training and why it is important?

The sector of network training online is booming. Distance courses, e-learning: more and more individuals or employees are opting for this option which allows them to continue their daily activities while preparing a diploma by acquiring new skills. The skills of the IT technician are sought for different types of missions and types of companies.

The path of a technician can very well start in an SME or within a large group, under the supervision of a system and network administrator or work as a service provider in a company providing IT services. After a few years of experience, it is quite possible for the IT technician to move to a consultant position. At that time, he can turn to a consulting company or offer his services as a freelance. With the digital transformation, his skills will always be in demand and valued, and he will have many possibilities for development. Experience and the development of complementary skills, or even the acquisition of certifications, can allow them to evolve towards more responsibilities.


The cloud is especially acclaimed for the opportunity it offers businesses to use remote servers with high capacity, thereby saving them the logistical hiccups of digital data storage. An effective way to globalize your workforce at low cost is comparing IT consulting services companies and then hiring the best one of them.  A study has shown that companies that use cloud storage manage to solve their digital data problems in 2 hours on average, compared to more than 8 hours for others, four times faster! The same study showed that the best data recovery time was recorded on the side of SMEs. Large companies take twice as long to recover their data. Document sharing, messaging, CRM … the cloud maximizes practicality on many aspects of management in SMEs.


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