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What is the need of going for Endoscopy?

What is the need of going for Endoscopy?

There are many treatments and medical procedures that are possible today because of the advancements and growths in the medicine field.   There are many equipment and instruments that are efficient and result oriented. In the presence of these equipment and tools, doctors are surer about the health problems patients are suffering from.

You know the number of Endoscopy equipment manufacturers has risen extensively in the recent times because of the extensive use of these tools. In case you are already thinking what do you mean by endoscopy then keep on reading and you get to know much about it. Talking about an endoscopic examination, it includes inserting a tube into patient’s oesophagus so as to examine it closely and to take a biopsy of pieces of tissue. In a characteristic sense an endoscopy gets carried out once the patient is asleep.

Who has to go for endoscopy?

There is no clear guideline for a specific age to go for the procedure of first screening endoscopy to find out whether or not a patient could have cancerous precursor lesions or any Barrett’s oesophagus, though various medical professionals recommend ages forty to fifty. Moreover patients possessing persistent heartburn who do not get any kind of relief with medication also must take into consideration having an endoscopy. Also chronic acid reflux activates Barrett’s oesophagus and even is the chief risk factor for oesophageal cancer. Here an endoscopy is going to help the medical expert control any possible cancer growth so it can be eliminated early to improve their chances of living longer, and fit life.

What is the importance of endoscopy?

Well, it has been realised that an endoscopy is the most effective technique to detect Barrett’s oesophagus and beginning of oesophageal cancer. Doctors believe that they can tell if a patient has Barrett’s when the lining of oesophagus, characteristically white, is changed to a shade of red, and the medical experts would then receive a sample to assess under the microscope.

Patients who have Barrett’s oesophagus are at a risk for developing ulcers, thinning and also cancer of oesophagus. They also own increased danger of developing a specific type of cancer: oesophageal adenocarcinoma that is impacting more and more individuals every single year. It is the swiftly increasing cancer in Caucasian males. Anyhow the treatment for Barrett’s oesophagus and initial oesophageal cancer can get obtained through endoscopy and hence saving the oesophagus from massive surgery.  However it is really unfortunate that   in most of patients the cancer gets revealed at a later stage that is why it is crucial to have an endoscopy to screen for any type of forerunner lesions and have a biopsy of that of sample tissue.


So, there is no wrong in knowing about what is good for your and what isn’t.  You know these endoscopy products manufactures are gathering extensive importance because these tools are saving lives. If you too undergo an endoscopy in time, the doctors can detect an issue, if there is any, in time and cure you.


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