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What Is Included in Car Maintenance

What Is Included in Car Maintenance

A timely and high-quality car maintenance will save you from unexpected malfunctions as well as keep your car in good condition. Using the best car repair app, you can easily find a good car service, but you need to select a different workshop for specific tasks each time. The best possible solution to such a situation is to keep a reliable car service station contact number handy.

What should be included in the car’s maintenance at every 10,000 km 

  • Control mechanism inspection. It includes checking the performance of vehicle systems.
  • Checking the level of consumables and changing the engine oil.
  • Replacement of air filter. 

What do you need to do car maintenance every 30,000 km 

As per the rule, maintenance starts with the control inspection. Next, a professional car mechanic replaces the consumables solutions, namely:

  • Air filter;
  • Motor oil;
  • Spark plug.
  • Cabin filter; 

What is included in the maintenance and repair every 60,000 km 

Everything starts in a standard way, that is, an initial inspection of the control mechanism is performed. Next, the mechanics check the level of consumables and replace whatever is getting exhausted, engine oil, air filter,  spark plugs, drive belts, timing belt, cabin filter, tension roller of the service belt.

Car maintenance manual 

Among other important things, there is a vehicle maintenance technology, which the manufacturer of a particular brand installs. And of course, it is worth remembering that a regular visit to a car workshop for car repair and technical prevention allows you to avoid unexpected breakdowns on the way.

Types of work involved in technical operation and maintenance of the car 

When you visit a professional car workshop, depending on the malfunction, they can provide the following work:

  • Replacing the motor air filter.
  • Flushing the lubrication system.
  • Timing belt tension adjustment.
  • Tightening of fasteners of parts and assemblies.
  • Replacing the oil filter.
  • Analysis of the content of toxicity of exhaust gases.
  • Adjustment of the number of revolutions of idling of the motor.
  • Oil change in the automatic transmission, transfer case.
  • Engine oil – change.
  • Dismantling or cleaning the fuel filter.
  • Lubrication of door openers, clamps, and battery terminals.
  • The condition of the brake pads and the installation of a new set if necessary.
  • Wheel alignment, check, and adjustment.
  • Replacing the coolant.
  • Checking the air conditioning system, refueling the air conditioner, if required.
  • Replacing the spark plug set.
  • Topping up or replacing brake fluid.
  • Cleaning the drain holes of the body.
  • Adjustment of headlights beams, including intensity and angle.

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