Home Exclusive What is a jelly roll pan? Its uses and benefits?

What is a jelly roll pan? Its uses and benefits?

What is a jelly roll pan? Its uses and benefits?

Are you someone who loves baking? Well, most people love eating baked goods – be it a jelly roll, muffin, or a cake. Without any doubt, baking actually makes all of us feel great and content. For baking our favorite treats, we require some essentials – the utensils, the pans, and the ingredients. Out of the wide variety of baking pans, jelly roll pans are considered the best to bake cookies and cakes. If you are someone who bakes on a regular basis, then you might be aware of the whole process. You might also be aware of the fact that the pan is the most crucial thing when baking. Bad quality of the pan has the capability to ruin the process and the end result as well.

Bakers know the significance of jelly roll pans, it is an outstanding addition to any kitchen that bakes goods. Besides baking, jelly roll pans can be used for various purposes. It may be used to cook pizzas, tater tots or to reheat your food leftovers. Jelly roll pans come under the category of flat sheet pans. Jelly roll pan features a one-inch rim present around the sides of the pan. Jelly roll pans are specifically designed to create sheet cakes or thin sponges that are coated with jelly, cream, and other types of fillings, such cakes are then rolled into a cylinder shape. The jelly roll pans are created by using different varieties of materials. Mostly by using aluminized steel or aluminum. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. They have scratch-resistant characteristics, require less oil, and can bake your products in less time.

Uses of the Jelly roll pans:

Jelly roll pans can be used for so many different purposes. Below are a few of them-

  • For baking rolled cakes: Jelly rolls, yule logs, pumpkin rolls, and so on.
  • For roasting different types of vegetables.
  • For baking cookies: chocolate chip cookies, banana cookies, dry fruits cookies, etc.
  • For roasting nuts: peanuts, walnuts, etc.

Dimensions of Jelly Roll Pans:

Mostly, the jelly roll pans are smaller as compared to the half sheet pans, half sheet pans are 13 inches by 18 inches with a depth of one inch. Jelly roll pans are available in two common sizes: ½ size and ¼ size.

  • The ¼ sized jelly roll pans tend to be around 9 inches by 13 inches with a depth of one inch.
  • The ¼ sized jelly roll pans measure approximately 12 inches by 17 inches with a depth of one inch.


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