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What are the types of Permanent hair extensions?

What are the types of Permanent hair extensions?

You can add volume and length to your hair with permanent extensions, and this is going to last between six months and a year. Many ways are available to get permanent extensions. You should probably go for a method that is the most affordable.

Braided Extensions

Weaved extensions and braided extensions are two types of permanent extensions available. This technique involves attaching extensions manually. Those small braids are actually crafted from your hair and are sewed into a corn-row or small corn-rows. These tiny braids lie below the hairline and are completely invisible. This method is one of the cheapest. This method gets your hair into tiny braids, so it will last longer. The weave masks the harmful effects caused by different kinds of styling products and tools. However, there is an issue with this technique. Since the braids are extremely tightly sewn, the process often causes little pain. The labor alone costs between $1000-$1500 during weaving. In addition to that, you have to spend $100-$200 every four to six weeks on salon visits to keep your hair extensions attached.

Hot and Cold Fusion extension

Permanent hair extensions can also be done by using hot or cold fusion hair extensions. It is best to use this method when you have the help of someone who is experienced with it. A lot of maintenance is required with this approach. The longest-lasting hair extension can be achieved by this method if properly done and properly maintained. A process known as fusion bonding is used to affix hair extensions to the roots of the hair. Through permanent hot and cold fusion hair extensions, your hair will look completely natural and can last for several months. One disadvantage of this process is that it can be very expensive to maintain. The procedure can cost as much as $1,500 and up to $3,000. However, the extensions can last up to 10 months when you use this method.

Micro Loop hair extension

The micro-loop type of hair extensions is a permanent method of adding hair at home or in a salon. This hair extension system involves attaching artificial hair to small loops of plastic and then applying them to real hair. In order to make your hair strands into rings, they have to be extremely tightened at the root. In comparison to other techniques, application and removal are much easier with this technique, causing hardly any damage to hair. This method does have the disadvantage that it isn’t suitable for all types of hair. Because hair from the roots is pulled in micro-loop extensions, people with thin hair should never resort to this method of hair extension.

Maintenance of hair extensions

After going for a permanent hair extension, some questions may arise, like, can I dye these extensions or can I do any kind of styling? Yes, you can. By following tips mentioned in Vibrant Salon & Spa post you can maintain your extensions long lasting. Because the extensions are made from natural hair, they can be colored, shaded, or even washed. You should always choose a color for your hair extensions that matches the color of your actual hair. If you decide to go for permanent hair extensions, you should not forget the cost of maintenance since it is important to take good care of them to give you a natural look and also to facilitate long-term maintenance.


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