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What are the Subjects in Commerce in CBSE Class 11 and12?

What are the Subjects in Commerce in CBSE Class 11 and12?
After passing in 10th standard, many students are confused about the selection of different streams. Choosing the right stream or subjects is the most important decision made by every student. Choosing the right stream always makes students successful in their life. Many studies prove that after the 10th standard, 70% to 80% of students select the commerce stream because of the hope of a bright future and successful career. Here we discuss the Commerce subjects in Class 11

The subjects or streams after the 10th standard are divided into three parts: Science (PCB, PBM, PCMB), Commerce, and Humanities (arts).

If you are planning to choose a commerce stream, then read this article. Here we mentioned every detailed about commerce subjects in class 11.

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How Many Compulsory subjects are in commerce?

In classes 11 and 12, the subjects of commerce are all about the economy, trade, commerce, and accounting. In class 11 and 12, the total number of main subjects are four and the number of optional subjects is five.

Name of Compulsory Subjects

The four main commerce subjects in class 11 are:

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Business Studies
  3. Economic 
  4. English

Now let’s have a detailed discussion on every main commerce subject in class 11

1 Accountancy 

For every student Accountancy is an important among all the subjects in commerce stream. This subject covers both theoretical and practical parts. In the commerce stream, the accountancy issue gives you the best knowledge of the principle of accounting, which helps you maintain the company’s financial statements. Also, in this subject you will learn about how you can maintain the profit and loss accounts of a company. But as we know, for every organization, company, or business. Accountancy gives you the basic knowledge which helps you to determine the profit for any organization. 

2 Business Studies

The other name of this subject is self-explanatory. This subjects gives the dept knowledge of business. This commerce subject in class 11 will explain how companies are formed and how those new companies become a part of the world economy. Also, you will learn about the different factors which affect the business and what kind of business environment you have to maintain for your business or organization. This subject reveals everything about the business world. If you are one of those students who want to run their business, it is mandatory to know the business world.

3 Economics

For some students, economics is quite a complicated subject among the others. But on the other hand, it is the leading commerce subject for class 11. This subject gives you the proper knowledge of the world’s economy and clarifies why you want to read or learn about economics. To understand the national and international economy, you need to read economics. If you get every or proper knowledge about the world’s economy, it will surely help you in your career or future path. 

4 English

English is the universal and the most compulsory subject for every student of class 11th and 12th. Although it doesn’t matter from which stream a student is. Till class 10th students studied this subject for the knowledge of basic grammar. As we know English is the common language which is used in every country , That’s why for making good communication skills every student needs to learn this subject. English is the only subject which makes your career survival easy. 

What are the Optional Commerce Subjects in Class 11

After the compulsory subjects, there are some optional commerce subjects in class 11 which students have to choose or select according to their interests. Let’s have a detailed discussion on those subjects. Note: These all subjects are different in most of the school so select accordingly. 

5 Mathematics

For every student, the subject maths or mathematics is not a new subject. From our childhood, we learned and studied this subject. And see this subject is continuous in class 11th and 12th. Also, in your career path, you always need to learn some parts of mathematics. Because the basics of everything is a calculation which only can be done with the help of mathematics. 

6 Computer Science 

Sometimes commerce is not chosen by some students because of their interests. Some students choose this stream because of low marks or don’t have complete faith that they can compete with other students in the science stream. If you are one of those students who chose commerce for the same reason and cannot select PCC because of low eligibility, don’t worry about the commerce stream. You can choose computer science as the subject of your interest. 


The subject of informatics practices is just similar to computer science. The primary or simple difference in both issues is that computer science gives you complete knowledge of computers. And on the other hand, informatics practices give you a complete understanding of computer applications processing and information. 


For some students, the PSYCHOLOGY subject is quite complicated, and for some, it is quite an interesting subject. In these subjects, students will learn about how the mind and its systems will work and also learn about the different mental processes of other people 


Physical education is the only commerce subject in class 11 students love the most. Because everyone loves physical training and wants to be physically fit. If you are a sports lover and want to make your career in sports then choosing this subject is one of the best decisions of your life. In comparison, it is pretty easy to score. 

The Final Say

In this article, we discussed the main and optional commerce subjects in class 11. Read this article and get to know detailed information about every topic of the class 11 commerce stream.


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