Whenever we think about a cake our sweet tooth is just on the lookout for something sweet, the cake that everyone just looks forward to in weddings, birthdays and reception and there are many more occasions. You will feel like the cake has just become an integral part of life and in the prevailing situation, you can always opt for Order cake delivery in Delhi.

There are many types of cake, there is a sponge cake, butter cake and cheesecake etc. the world of cakes is perplexing yar fascinating. You must be imagining a cake by now, but there are occasions which have a call for a cake and here is the list of those occasions:


You don’t need an occasion to have cake, you can always go out or order a cake for yourself. Everyone just loves cakes and irrespective of the day you can always have it.


This is one occasion where no one wants to miss the cake, you can have the cake in three tires. Decorated with flowers or just simple. This is your wish but make sure the guests at your wedding have a spellbinding experience when they see the cake.


You can always enhance the welcoming gestures by adding a cake, the event of reception involves welcoming of a new relationship and what would be more perfect than starting it with something as delicious as a cake?


What is a birthday without a cake?

cake online in bangalore is a must and the best part is that you can have any cake that you want or choose a flavour of your choice on this day, Afterall people will listen to the birthday boy/girl.

If you are celebrating the birthday then you can have a midnight cake delivery at the destination and surprise them with a cake. They just going to love it.


Well, before you forget, you should just set an alarm for that day or have a cake delivery schedules to remember the day even more perfect. Most people prefer to celebrate the milestone anniversaries but be the special ones to celebrate every year that you have been spending together. You can always order a red velvet cake and a bottle of French wine. It will be romantic!


The occasion that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November surely will love a beautiful cake as a dessert or if you would like to change the norm then you can go for it as the feast beginner as well. remember to have a centrepiece on the same if you wish to and you can always have the cake decorated with autumn flowers while listening to knocks of winter at your doorstep.


Well, don’t let this valentine go without a bouquet of roses and the mouth-watering red velvet cake from bloomsvilla, surprise your significant other with this and just watch the million-dollar smile on their face while they just are astonished by the sweet gesture that you have done for them.

The occasions are over but you need to know that the preference of cake differs from person to person so here is a list of types of cakes that will help you put with it:


You all must be aware how important the cakes are during the festival time, the cakes during Christmas play a very important role as well, don’t let the celebration go without a dessert when you can add a cake to it


Kids are the cake enthusiasts; they just want a big cake with a teddy bear or a car made out of it. There are various other designs available you just need to ask the kid which cake is he actually looking for and just surprise him on his birthday.


A family member is going to arrive soon and the celebration with a cake will prove light and make the mother of the unborn child feel special as well. make sure that you are not opting for any flowers as some are toxic for humans, just opt for a simple yet delicious cake.


The art has entered the realm of cakes as well and these cakes are beautiful, if you decide on ordering or making an artistic cake, you will surely gain many words of appreciation from others who can understand the art.


Thanks to the technology that we can witness the wonder of the photo cakes, with this you can have any photo of yours on the cake and it is one way to surprise someone. You can just get your wedding picture on the cake and present the cake to your significant other.

Those were the few occasions and the types of cakes that you can use on the occasions as well, choose your cake and just wish them the best wishes on that day.



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