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What are the Harmful Drugs and how to get rid of their addiction?

What are the Harmful Drugs and how to get rid of their addiction?

Substances that cannot be stopped while ingesting are called addictive substances.
Along with illegal drugs like amphetamine, cocaine, and cannabis there are also substances like alcohol, sleeping pills and anxiolytics, cough medicines and painkillers, nicotine, and but Angus that can be abused.

It’s not because of weak will that you can’t stop addicting. This is because overuse of addictive substances causes brain damage. This is called drug addiction. Drug addiction is often mistaken for a mental illness or personality problem, but it is really a brain disorder. Therefore, treatment is necessary, and it is a disease that can be cured by treatment.

Drug addiction is the same “progressive disease” as cancer. As long as you continue to use the drug, your brain damage will get worse.

It is divided into four stages according to its stage of progression.

1. Dependence period

Occasional drug cravings are the only common symptom during this period. Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India is helping people dealing with this addictive disease.

2. Withdrawal stage

Physical or mental upset appears at the breaks in the drug. Typical physical disorders are vague discomfort and insomnia. Other autonomic symptoms such as abnormal sweating, palpitation, and dizziness appear. A typical example of mental upset is frustration. In addition, disturbance of consciousness such as trying to become conscious or acting like sleepwalking may appear.

3. Psychotic stage

Hallucinations, hallucinations, and paranoia are typical symptoms. It is also a kind of paranoia that makes it easier to understand.

4. Cognitive impairment

A typical symptom is memory loss. Memory loss is a symptom that is difficult for you to notice, but you may be aware of it because you have more forgetfulness and you cannot remember a little thing.

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Method of treatment

Treatment of drug addiction is basically outpatient.

Treatment is a combination of psychotherapy, drug therapy, occupational therapy, and living environment adjustment according to the patient’s needs. Psychotherapy is the main treatment during the addiction period, and drug therapy is the main treatment during the psychotic period.

For drug addiction, it is also important not to reuse the drug once it has been stopped. At addiction treatment hospitals, you can get a variety of psychotherapy to prevent drug reuse. From various prepared programs such as supportive psychotherapy, psychoeducation, individual psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, conditioned reflex control method, etc., the program that suits the patient is combined to prevent reuse. We will carry out treatment for this.

Points to overcome

  • Drug addiction is a progressive disease that gets worse and worse as long as you continue to use the drug. The first step to overcoming is to keep an eye on that fact.
  • Drug addiction is a disorder based on brain damage. You cannot cure it by yourself. Please take the plunge and consult a psychiatric medical institution. Hope will surely come into view.
  • Drug addiction remains a habit of reusing a drug once it is stopped. The addiction treatment hospital has various treatment programs to cure this habit. Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is one of them, so please use it.


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