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What are the different types of door locks?

What are the different types of door locks?

When buying locks to secure your business or home, the various choices of front door locks or back door locks can be confusing. So many kinds of locks are available and many distinct security attributes that ought to be considered. Even though there are different lock types, the primary 4 common kinds are deadbolts, levers, padlocks, and knob locks.

The 4 common kinds of door locks are as below:

Padlocks- The only form of locks that don’t attach permanently with anything is Padlocks. Padlocks are portable as well as available in different sizes. Padlocks happen to be the most convenient forms of lock and are likewise simple to get recognized. However, there are two kinds of padlocks: keyed and combination. Keyed padlocks come with many choices to take into consideration. There are no-rekeyable and rekeyable padlocks. One doesn’t have the option to alter its key that enables the opening of the lock in the non-rekeyable type. Combination padlocks possess one or multiple numbers of dials that enable the opening of the lock whenever the right key is entered. Padlocks front door locks can also be available as non-key retaining or key-retaining.

Deadbolts – These types of locks are usually installed on outside doors and possess a lot more choices to consider when compared to padlocks. Deadbolts are available in 3 types: double, single as well as lockable thumb turn. Deadbolts of Single-cylinder type are observed in most American houses. These have the obvious cons of the consistent need of a key to have the door open from the internal side when it is locked. This could prove to be a critical issue, particularly in an emergency like a fire or perhaps any other circumstance. When employed in a residential environment, it is highly recommended to keep a key inside whenever individuals are at home in order to make an emergency exit safely. The last deadbolt type is a hybrid or fusion of a double and a single deadbolt, which is also known as a lockable thumb turn. In residence, the thumb turn can be kept unlocked, when individuals are present within the house so that it shall function just like a general deadbolt of single-cylinder type.

Knob Locks-These types of locks are often installed in a residential environment on outside doors along with deadbolts. Firstly, it must be considered that knob locks shouldn’t be employed for security on outside doors. In nearly all of these lock setups, they can easily be broken off the door, making use of a hammer or perhaps bypassed by making use of pliers or using a wrench on the backside of the knob. So, if you possess knob locks, try changing them for easy passage knobs because it will offer just the maximum security for the longest time of implementing on the same door.

Lever Handle Locks-These types of locks are often put to use for internal doors in a commercial environment. They are simple to open as they possess a huge handle in a push-down design instead of a knob.

In conclusion, different door locks are used to secure your home or your business from theft and thereby provide a sense of security to you while you leave the house and be in peace.


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