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What are the benefits of Barcode Labels?

What are the benefits of Barcode Labels?
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What is a Barcode Label?

A bar code, commonly known as a barcode, is a method of representing data that is basically visible by naked eyes. This data is also in a form that is readable by especially able scanner machines. These barcodes are basically linear or one-dimensional form, which is printed on labels and they are known as barcode labels. It can be scanned by special optical scanners. These scanners are known as barcode readers.

There are 2D barcodes also available, which is otherwise known as QR codes. 2D barcodes can hold much more data than a 1D barcode. It has price and quantity information with photos or links to web pages for product-related information also.

How does barcode work?

A barcode is a method to encode information. It is encoded in a visual pattern, which can be read by a barcode scanner machine. A barcode is a combination of black and white bars or elements. It represents different text characters that follow a set algorithm for that barcode. Barcodes store information using symbols that can vary from lines to dots, such as in the Matrix Bar-coding. Generally, it holds information about the product, such as price and remaining quantity of the product. Normally it is an identifying number that the company’s central database uses to find product-related information.

What are the benefits of Barcode Labels?

Barcodes are a better option for all your business requirements. It is ideal for all crucial back end operations.

Barcodes promises you Accuracy for both inventory and asset management. Barcodes have one typo in every 36 trillion for barcode scanners. You can avoid unnecessary reorders, stock-outs and ghost assets, to protect your profits.

Barcodes are also essential for Time management in your business. Manual checking of quarterly, half-yearly or yearend assets through spreadsheets is time-consuming and is open to human error. This time can effectively be saved by doing the task through barcode labels and this saved time can be used productively in doing important tasks that are essential for smooth running and growth in profits of your business.

Barcodes provide you with Accountability. Your inventory may be unduly lost due to some criminal activities of any miscreants, who might be working in your business organization itself. These criminal activities may result in losing your business assets also. A barcode system added in your business merchandise and your office assets will provide a layer of accountability to you that a manual check out system cannot even think of matching.

Barcode labels reduce employee training time. The employee needs only minutes to master the operation of the handheld scanner for reading barcodes. They are also exempted from learning about the entire inventory or the pricing procedure.

Barcodes are inexpensive and versatile. It does not cost much to get barcode labels and can be used for any kind of necessary data collection, including pricing and inventory information.

Barcode improves Inventory Control and can promote better decision-making processes.  All information is directly scanned into the Central Computer and is ready instantaneously. It helps in making better-informed decisions by you, saving your time and money.

Barcode labels are both inexpensive and user-friendly. It is an indispensable tool for tracking a variety of your business data, at every level of your business. Barcode labels help you to reduce your overhead costs.


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