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What Are Acoustic Electric Guitars?

What Are Acoustic Electric Guitars?

Those of you who aren’t aware about the best acoustic electric guitars, here is your complete guide.These are helpful for those who require a direct amplify of a sound with fewer problems that usually come from using a microphone in an exterior of a regular acoustic.

What’s TheDifferences Between Acoustic,Electric Guitars And Acoustic Electric Guitars?

The difference between these guitars is the structure and thickness of the body and sound holes. In an acoustic guitar, the body is shallow and the sound opening is deeper in order to deliver better reverberation. This makes it lighter. A Semi-acoustic guitar has a resonating body yet has a slenderer sound gap than an acoustic guitar. On the off chance that you have seen the distinction in pictures between the two is an obvious contrast in the understanding of sound openings of the two guitars.

On the off chance that you know the essential rule of how the guitar functions, you may realize that reverberation of sound in the sound gap is the thing that decides the tone and volume of a guitar. Another real supporter of the tone and volume is the nature of the wood utilized. For the acoustic guitar, the wood used is less thick than the semi-acoustic and henceforth enables the sound to resound substantially more in the sound gap delivering a louder sound and a clearer tone.

Semi-acoustic then again develops the sweet tone and consequently has a lesser volume when played without an enhancer. The semi-acoustic has a tendency to be the moderate of acoustic, empty and profound sound opening and the electric, not empty and no stable gap. This is the real distinction between the acoustic and the semi-acoustic guitar. This makes it important to utilize an intensifier with the semi-acoustic guitar when playing to a bigger gathering of people.

Electric acoustic guitars produce a comparable or rather better tone than the acoustic guitar. Whenever stopped, it can create a better electronic effect like enhancer impacts than an acoustic guitar. It can be played without plugging, unlike electric guitars. It also has lesser volume than acoustic. You can be played without stopping, it has an extraordinary tone.


When buying or seeking advice, you can check out Melody House, they have wide variations of music instruments to choose from. Here are some items they can recommend.

Cordoba (Acero D9 CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar) – the construction of a common combination of a compact Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, it gives a warm and steady sound great for all harmonious styles. The bridge has a beautiful rosewood, binding, and fingerboard. The designing is polished and smooth, by Acacia wood for the rosette and 12th fret fingerboard inlays, capped off with Cordoba’s signature raised headstock with a mahogany overlay. It has a hybrid fan/X-bracing enhances top movement for richer, more lively tone and a hard-shell case with a built-in humidification system included.

Cordoba D10-CE – family of Acero series. Neck and fingerboard are made of a mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. The fret marker inlays are maple on side of the fingerboard. It has a number of 14 frets to the body, 20 totals, the top is made of solid Engelmann spruce, the binding or bridge is made of Rosewood Bridge & mahogany binding. The rosette is all-natural inlaid acacia double ring. The D10-CE has a more dynamic tone that is typically connected with solid rosewood back and sides.

Guild – D240E Dreadnought Flamed Maple Acoustic Electro – it is built with a solid spruce top, mahogany sides, arched mahogany back, the neck wood is made of mahogany, it is matte polyurethane finished, top wood is made of solid spruce, the body is made full and powerful tone of this guild dreadnought provides guitarists with a classic acoustic sound and balanced voicing. Its signature back arched design produces great volume and projection, long sustain and lavish full sound. This is included to the westerly collection series.

Guild – D120NCE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Natural – neck material is made of mahogany, C shape neck, the fingerboard material, and the bridge is made of Indian rosewood, and bridge pins are made of ivory colored plastic with dot black. The body top is made of solid mahogany, westerly dreadnought Sitka scalloped X brace, black & white striped with mop ring for the rosette, a natural gloss polyurethane for the finishing. This guitar has a full-bodied powerful tone with a classic acoustic sound with a balanced voicing.

PRS – SE 30E Angelus Acoustic Guitar Natural – it has X-Brace classical hybrid design for the body bracing, the fingerboard materials are ebony, tuning machines in chrome, body shape that provides a very aesthetically pleasing outlook and upper frets which are easy to access. Bird inlays that are known to be the PRS trademark which gives you the complete PRS package and feel. The arrangement of a solid spruce top with Rosewood back and sides produces rich overtones with bell-like highs and deep bass tones.

PRS – SE Angelus Alex Lifeson Acoustic Guitar Natural – this model is made extraordinary, top wood is made of solid spruce, back & side wood is made up of Dao wood, this model features thinner body depth than the standard Angelus model. PRS proprietary X-Brace Classical hybrid design for body bracing, with a binding of curly maple, neck wood is made of mahogany, this guitar color is natural, fingerboard material is made of rosewood, and a number of frets are 20.  It provides sound remarkably warm and reverberates tone even when amplified.

Searching for any one of these guitars or specifically the Acoustic Electric Guitars is a simple thing to do, as you can pretty much find anything through the online web and find the nearest music store, or even make the purchases online through their website. In general, it would always be better to physically hold any guitar or instrument before making the purchase as you need to know whether it would be suitable for you, makes you feel comfortable to hold and offers great music style.


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