Weight Loss: This Detox Cucumber-Coriander Smoothie Is Ideal To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet


Summer is all about hydration and this smoothie of cucumber and coriander is among the easiest and delicious drinks!

If you’re trying to lose weight I am certain you’ve heard about numerous people who want you to consume a variety nutritious smoothies. Although this may appear to be a good idea but it can be a hassle to gather all the ingredients needed to create smoothies. Since many recipes require a range of fruits, vegetables and herbs, and often, dry fruits, too. Making a purchase and combining a lengthy list of ingredients each day is a pain. In the end it is possible to just avoid the lengthy process and not even make the smoothie at all. In order to stop that from happening, we have the cucumber and coriander drink recipe that is incredibly easy to prepare!

Like the name implies it is a smoothie that consists of two ingredients: both coriander and cucumbers. Cucumber is a great fruit to drink in the summer is extremely beneficial to our bodies. It keeps us well hydrated and is loaded with vitamins like vitamin K Vitamin C Vitamin B6, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin folate magnesium, iron, calcium as well as zinc, among other nutrients! Additionally, this versatile vegetable is comprised of 95 percent water, making it very low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Therefore, it is saying that if you’re taking a diet to lose weight it is a must that cucumber be part of it’s food plan! In fact, making a smoothie out of it is an ideal recipe to try this summer! Get the complete recipe for this refreshing cucumber-coriander blend below!

Cucumber-Coriander Smoothie Recipe: Here’s How To Make Cucumber-Coriander Smoothie

Choose just one cube and cut it into small pieces. Put it in a blender along with one cup of coriander leaves along with some water. Blend until it is a juice. In a glass, include some salt, pepper, along with some cubes of ice. Pour in the made juice. Drink it cool and fresh!

For the complete recipe of this refreshing cucumber-coriander drink, click here.

Enjoy this amazing smoothie recipe that is simple to make today. Tell us what you thought of it.


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