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Wedding Fashion Photography

Wedding Fashion Photography

Like other forms of fashion photography, wedding fashion photography is another kind that is very lucrative and a specialized sub-field of fashion photography. But there is a lot of ambiguity regarding the tips and ways in which one could click good wedding photographs- this is a problem tormenting the amateurs, especially.

With so much competition and so little information available on the topic, it sometimes becomes hard for a learner. Add to it, there are various factors like cost, equipment, assignments, and logistics problems, which need to be handled at the same time.

It’s expensive

As you know, a wedding photography project will require a lot of things that you will need to hire from somewhere. Also, if you are using film for photography, it will incur high costs to get the rolls developed.

But here are some tips that will help you in pre-wedding photography plan-up and other preparation in order to ensure a smooth photoshoot.

Practice Shots

Take some practice shots of the venue before the function- This will be a good practice to inculcate and the one that will save you from all the problems that can come along with aperture and shutter settings on D-Day. Especially, when using a film in the camera, you are never able to see the preview of the clicked photos before the roll gets developed in the processing lab. Photographytoremember.co.za says digital camera users are, in that way, on a more advantageous side. Many times such a thing may happen that the clicked photographs turn out to be much too dark and under-exposed, thus making for wasted efforts, time, and money.

Moreover, it will spoil the bride and groom’s memories. The simple solution for handling this problem is to pay the venue a visit 2-3 days prior to the wedding and take some sample photos of the entire venue; process the reel to see if the photos are suitably exposed and that there is no problem in them; if not then, change your aperture, shutter, and other camera settings and try clicking the same pictures again. When you get the desired kind of photos that are correctly lit, note those settings and return on the wedding day, with the camera pre-adjusted to the noted down settings. This will save you from all the embarrassment that you could, otherwise, have to go through while explaining or giving excuses about the shoddy work.

Backup Equipment

Always bring along back-up equipment- You can never be sure of when, where, and how you will run into trouble due to an unforeseen defect or a shortage of equipment. It is thus recommended that you plan in advance and always bring along at least two cameras, and a good amount of film stock/ memory cards, as you never know exactly how much memory space could go into the entire shoot. It is a nice and highly recommended idea to bring along more than 2 backup batteries and two chargers so that you could recharge the used batteries while shooting with the remaining fresh batteries, and repeat the cycle.

Take care of your memory cards

When you carry multiple memory cards for wedding photography, it is important to keep the used cards separate from the empty cards. As you keep filling the cards, hand them over to your assistant simultaneously, who will dump the data from those memory cards onto a separate portable hard disk. You can use two separate pockets for placing these memory cards separately. Once the data has been recorded onto the hard disk, don’t just format the

memory card. Keep it because you never know, what if your portable hard disk suddenly gets corrupted? Once you are back from the wedding and in your studio, start copying the data from the hard disk to clearly labeled DVDs and store them separately. This serves as a back-up of the back-up.

Consider using a 2nd photographer-

Taking hundreds of pictures throughout the day does become very tiring and as a result, may set in an element of monotony in the photographs that you click. Having an additional photographer will bring about a range of photography styles. What you may have missed, he may have captured, thus adding to the efficiency level in the project.

The essential photography equipment- When going for a wedding photoshoot, having the following equipment is a must.

Film or camera

Be certain as to what format do you want to use. You should use only that format with which you are most comfortable. It is recommended that you use a DSLR on an occasion like a wedding as then, you have the option of simultaneously checking the quality of each shot for lighting and composing.

Extra batteries

Use extra batteries along with multiple chargers. Make sure that you bring fully charged batteries to the venue on D-Day.


you may want to carry multiple lenses of different focal lengths for the wedding, as in a wedding, a photographer needs to take varied shots- portraiture and landscape with multiple subjects and sometimes capture crowded frames too.

A flash unit

Always carry a separate flash unit along with the camera that can be mounted onto the camera body to compensate for low lighting. This is required, especially when you are using an SLR instead of a DSLR.

So, basically, these are a few things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for wedding fashion photography. For those who are amateur photographers- you need to invest many hours in the preparations as you don’t want any kind of problems in exposure, etc on the wedding day.


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