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Ways to verify a Chinese company

Ways to verify a Chinese company

Chinese suppliers are plenty owing to the low production cost in China. If you are dealing with a Chinese company, they are quite easy to find but difficult is to verify a Chinese Company. Your search engine may bring a lot of names according to the business you are doing. If you want to be sure about their reliability and want to find someone who is not only legitimate but can cater your requirements properly, you need to know how to verify a Chinese company.

To ensure that you find the right company from China, you need to have the right strategy. You need to be vigilant constantly, they should have a thorough knowledge of the field and expertise.

Few tips can help you out in this sector:

You should start the process with proper research. You need to research on following topics:

Internet research

When you are hiring a supplier, manufacturer from China, you need to search on the internet. Online research is the best idea to get an idea about an overseas company. Different sites offer ratings and reviews also on the company.

Business directories

There are many business directories sites that you can visit or can check the directories to find information regarding the company. These websites can help you to get in-depth knowledge of the business world. They list reliable and authentic Chinese companies. You will get complete reports on the company.

Hire the verifying company

To verify the authenticity of a company, you can hire inspection companies. These companies have inspectors who work to gather information on a company. They opt for a complete background check from registration to work ethics. They check almost everything that you want to know about a Chinese company. They have a China-based team who work on behalf of you. Just because they have knowledge and expertise, you can get the best information from them.

It is also good to business with the Chinese companies who have exported their products previously to other countries. You may find many companies who use third-party suppliers to export their goods to other countries. You will find many manufacturing units that export their goods to other countries without registration. So, ask people from your business line and try to find out the details of Chinese companies.

Visiting the manufacturing unit

You can also send your team or inspectors on how to verify a Chinese company. These are your people who will visit the production sites. Verify if the information you researched is exactly like what you find at the site. Check whether they follow quality principles. You can look into the organization of this factory, the right process of manufacturing, equipment maintenance also the working conditions. It will help you to determine if they meet the quality standards. It will say you also whether the is properly managed. You will get the chance to have face to face interactions with the management team of the company., this may reaffirm your decision on dealing with the company and also help you to build a friendly relationship.


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