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Verizon hotspot not working how to fix it?

Verizon hotspot not working how to fix it?

If you are here then it is possible that you are facing issues with Verizon internet is not working and you do not know how you can fix and get done with it and you can use the internet like before you used to.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about how to set up Hotspot Verizon as well as how to fix it if it is not working so let us begin with it without any further delay. 

Ways to fix Verizon hotspot not working – 

  • Turning Wi-Fi off and then On. 

The most simple steps the users can try is to first turn off the Wi-fi you are using and then turn it on so that the issues you are facing could be fixed and the minor bugs which are causing problems like Verizon hotspot not working could be dealt with and you do not have face issues for the same. 

  • Verifying hotspot services on the device 

Another way the users can try is to check if the services and the settings of Verizon personal hotspot are correct on the device you are using or not. 

    • Begin with going to the settings option on your device and from the settings option go to the general after which you have to move to the next step. 
    • In this step you have to move to the tab of reset after which make sure to click on reset network settings button and then proceed further
  • Now you need to check if the issues you were facing with Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot are fixed and solved or not. However we can assure you that by executing this way and following these steps you will be able to solve and fix all the problems you are dealing with. 

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