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Userlane vs. WhatFix

Userlane vs. WhatFix
Userlane vs. WhatFix

Userlane and Whafix are the most popular DAPs. Before we can compare them, we must first understand what a DAP is. DAPs (Digital Adoption Platform) are software platforms that make it easier to learn software by simplifying the user experience and ensuring competency on any software platform, website, or app.

These technologies were created to ensure that digital transformations were successful and that software investments yielded a higher return on investment. The Digital Adoption Platform guides users through every component of the application using walkthroughs, videos, self-help menus, and more. 

Digital Adoption Platforms were created to make digital transition more efficient and eliminate these negative consequences. 


Userlane is a no-code Digital Adoption Platform that aims to increase software adoption by allowing anyone to instantly understand any product. You receive a robust, yet simple-to-use training solution with Userlane.

Directly in the software application, guide and communicate with your users, and provide them with the knowledge they need to complete their activities swiftly.

With in-app tutorials, you can ensure that every employee is fully operational and productive, all while saving time and money on training. Here are some of the features of Userlane which makes it a leading DAP in the market –

  1.       Userlane assists businesses in providing an in-app onboarding experience for their users. This allows users to become familiar with the system without having to close the window and start a new one. 
  2.     Companies may utilise Userlane to develop interactive onboarding experiences for new users. Designers can use gamification tactics, like task accomplishments to make learning less difficult and more pleasant with the application.
  3.     Through Userlane, each user is taken on a personalised solution familiarisation trip. This is because the app allows for the creation of customised onboarding experiences that adapt exploration to a user’s specific needs. Furthermore, firms that use Userlane for staff training might save money by automating onboarding.
  4.     Companies and software providers may provide multilingual onboarding experiences to new users using Userlane. The tool enables training designers to add layers of several languages, allowing users to select the language with which they are most comfortable. This allows them to navigate a new solution with ease.
  5.       Userlane is easy to set up, so businesses can use it right away for interactive software training. They only need to add one line of code to their applications, and the application will take care of the rest. Companies are able to save money as a result of this because they do not require additional gear.


Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that gives web applications and software products in-app coaching and performance support. It aids businesses in increasing user acceptance of their applications while also assisting with their performance. Whatfix increases productivity and engagement by promoting digital adoption and user empowerment.

Whatfix follows the mantra of Design, Engage, and Analyze, which is a simple three-step method that attracts, engages, and retains visitors on any company platform when used correctly. The solution allows users to construct highly user-friendly instructions and walkthroughs that aren’t dull in the first step. Furthermore, the production of these tutorials and walkthroughs does not necessitate any coding, and anyone may build them with just a few clicks.

The audience is then engaged through the use of enticing features and touch points in the guides. Aside from the appealing looks and relevant content in the guides, what helps businesses convert visitors into customers is keeping them engaged on the site with engaging buttons, and CTAs that direct them to chat or the knowledge base.

The final step is to look at the customer engagement data to see how well your interactive guides are performing. Users may measure and monitor the performance of their user engagement initiatives thanks to the extensive and advanced analytics options. Users can use these reports to make essential adjustments to their tutorials and walkthroughs, as well as personalise them further to improve their performance.

Why choose Whatfix over Userlane?

While Userlane is a product walkthrough tool that makes it easy to set up, Whatfix may be a better option for you for a few reasons.

Whatfix will develop various versions of your onboarding flow or product tour, including videos, presentations, PDFs, and essays. When you need to make a modification, Whatfix will update all of the other versions as well.

Your walkthroughs are saved in an LMS, where you may preview your flows using Whatfix’s exclusive “See Live” technology. They also offer SCORM and xAPI-compliant programmes, allowing you to trace user progress from start to finish.

Whatfix works with enterprise software like Salesforce, Zapier, and Zendesk. They also work with Human Capital Management (HCM) and human resource management (HRM) software like SuccessFactors.

While both DAPs collect user information, Whatfix collects more information and also allows PDF downloads. They’re also compatible with behavioural analytics software like Heap and Amplitude.

Userlane only works with HTML-based web apps, but Whatfix’s product adoption solutions work on web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Besides all of Whatfix’s exclusive features, they also provide free customer training and support in the event that you require assistance. Their emphasis on their users and customer feedback has helped them build themselves as one of the finest DAP tools.

Both DAPs have excellent features, but WhatFix is easier to use and apply. There are various Userlane alternatives that you can check out, to explore more.


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