Towards a modern management of urban sports and recreation service


The approach to an integrated model of policies and methodologies used in the context of Costa Rica in the field of sports management and leisure comes from the effort to identify real needs in the areas of sports, recreation and health promotion through exercise. In its various manifestations.

 Discovered during eight years of operation,

the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation (ICODER), together with and directly with the various Costa Rican communities, rural and urban communities, and their various organizations with community committees, city councils, NGOs, among others; In particular, it is seen as a product of experience represented by CCDR as the organization responsible for the State of Costa Rica, which aims to promote and manage urban 해외축구중계사이트 and leisure services with a timely offering that meets the needs of any client or user.

 This is how we try to answer the question

On how to implement effective governance of committees that respond to the needs of users or public clients in the country’s municipalities, proposing a working model that contributes as an additional input to improving the existing type of service and managed by the listed organizations. Structured on theoretical elements, they define today’s organization and planning,

The management of sports and entertainment is solved by use here

A model that combines policies and methodologies applied in the Costa Rican context as a result of identifying the real needs of sports advertising, entertainment and health through various manifestations of human movement. This approach has been developed through the eight years of work of the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (ICODER), with various Costa Rican communities, rural and urban, and local organizations such as the Inclusive Development Community. These include associations, community sports and leisure committees (CCDRs), the hippies of municipal mayors, and NGOs.

 This article is particularly noteworthy

CCDR’s experience as a unit under the responsibility of the Costa Rican government to promote and manage municipal sports and leisure services with a timely supply that meets the needs of users or customers. In this way, this article seeks to answer the question of how boards should develop effective management to meet the needs of public users or customers in the municipalities of the country by proposing a model working model. An additional tool for the development of existing services managed by these entities. This study is a model of governance in Costa Rica, structured with theoretical elements that currently define the organization and design of sport and recreation as a service.

Achieving the effective promotion and development of sports and entertainment in the country requires a broad vision of this popular phenomenon, as well as the educational aspect of school and entertainment sports, as well as a higher level of federal travel and sports. All where they have their own legal and social frameworks in this city road.


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