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Touchless Car Wash: There were laps, There were after, There were next

Touchless Car Wash: There were laps, There were after, There were next

Technology in the car maintenance sector is rapidly evolving with One of these is car washing that is touchless, and already has a lot of fans across the globe.

What is a touchless car wash? Are they safe for you car wash? or is it safer you wash the car in the traditional method? There’s a lot to learn It’s only when you purchase your own vehicle that you feel the same feelings that millions of other vehicle owners experience: excitement of pride, power and enthusiasm. Then you realize…it requires cleaning. Not only that…it requires it frequently! In addition you should also keep it in good condition and repair it and bounce from excitement to frustration repeatedly. On this page, you’ll discover more about touchless car washing to make an informed, easy decision the when your four-wheeled child requires some tender loving care.

What Is a Touchless Car Wash ?

Touchless Car Wash are in existence for a while but it wasn’t until recently that they started to gain popularity. Perhaps due to the fact that people are now aware of how efficient they are at making money and time. They are marketed as a water-saving solution which does not require brushes, many may believe that touchless car washes are an absolute blessing.

The name implies that a touchless wash makes use of water and cleaning solutions to clean your vehicle. That is there are no bristles or brushes that are allowed to touch the car’s surface.

These kinds of washes are an excellent value since they help you save the time as well as money, by taking the care of your car quickly. However, do they work?

With all kinds of difficult pollutants, such as tree sap, bird droppings or hardened grime, which generally require a good scrub downs. is a touchless car washes give you the best results?

We’ll let you know!

How Does a Touchless Car Wash Work?

Even though it does not use any equipment to apply the cleaning products to the car’s surface and the car, a touchless auto wash comes with several tricks up its sleeves to compensate for the absence of these tools:

High Water Pressure

Most car washes typically have friction. Touchless washes do not require friction, but compensates for it with the high pressure of water. The force of water can be enough to get rid of any hardened contaminants that may have clung to the vehicle’s exterior.

Powerful Chemicals

In addition, as there’s no friction that can aid the process in the process, touchless car washes is able to use harsh chemicals to eliminate the substances. If the use of powerful chemicals is beneficial or harmful for the paint on your car and other paintwork, you’ll discover later in this article.

Modified Water Composition

To ensure that the water flows smoothly through the system, it must be conditioned first. This means that more salt will be added to the water as well as other minerals are removed.

Were the neighborhoods and cons of a Touchless car wash?

It’s only normal that every technological advancement in the auto cleaning market comes with its pros and cons the good of the bad, as well as the ugly

The Good

In the event that your vehicle is just slightly dirty, but not very soiled and dirt, then a touchless auto wash may be the best alternative for you. The absence of contact with bristles and brushes can protect your car from scratches that aren’t needed.

Although the brushes used in traditional car washes have not been made to harm your car however, you cannot be certain of the actual age or the quality of their materials. In the end, it’s best to shield your car from these brushes completely.

Touchless washing will reduce time with traditional techniques.

It also helps save space. Because there are no equipment employed and there is no requirement to store anything. Since the waste is minimal to be disposed of If done properly this kind of car wash can be more eco-friendly as compared to traditional methods.

The Bad

The issue with car washes that aren’t touch-sensitive is that they won’t wash your car very well. While the force required for the water to fall on your car is impressive, it’s not going to compete with a traditional hand wash.

There are some dirt particles that may persist, perhaps because it was hard, or the water jets weren’t able to reach every angle of your vehicle. In addition, there’s the possibility of the blowers not properly and fully drying the car. Incomplete drying could lead to excessive moisture, which could cause water spots.

Another issue with car washes that are touchless is the fact that they typically use hard or recycled water. Hard water is very heavy in minerals. If it isn’t cleaned and dried properly the water will leave spots. If you’re using recycled watereven though it’s filteredit is likely that there’s left-over dirt from the last wash, which could impact your car very hard and fast, creating micro-scratches.

If you take a moment to consider it scratch marks and water spots will surely appear in a soft-touch vehicle wash, too.

At the final point, in between two potentially harmful systems A touchless wash could cause less damage to the clear coat of your car as well as the paint’s finish.

The Ugly

The ugly is due to the harsh chemicals that are used in the typical car washes. Be aware that the chemicals that are used in the touchless car wash are intended to clean away dirt, but they are also capable of stripping off your car’s paint well. This is particularly true if an excellent car wash solution isn’t used.

The situation is similar for other car washes that use soft-wash as well. All of them utilize less-than-ideal products that could damage your car, your well-being, and the environment. For instance, the hydrofluoric acid. The chemical that is utilized in the automotive industry due to its cleaning power, is extremely toxic and even has an CDC document designed to stop the use of this chemical.

Are Touchless Car Washes Safe?

Unfortunately, with touchless washes however revolutionary they may be they can be a bit less effective overall.

They recommend no physical contact with brushes or bristles. However, the contact with the chemicals and water used can be extremely damaging to the finish of your car. This is due to the fact that the water utilized in a touchless car washes is treated, then sprayed out with immense force. The chemicals that are used are very harsh, and the temperatures they attain can cause damage to the paint, particularly when the vehicle is placed under direct sun.

The chemicals that are used in wash products with no touch could be hazardous to your health and may cause skin irritations.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your car’s finish avoid touchless car washes must be on your list of priorities.

Hand Washing as opposed to. the Touchless Vehicle Washing

There’s plenty to talk about regarding the subject of hand-washing with. the touchless car wash


The first thing to note is that car washes that are touch-free will require only the water, and cleaning solutions. In a traditional hand washing routine it is recommended to utilize soft microfiber towels as well as wash gloves. They are used to treat the most problematic areas and will leave them spotlessly clean.

Quality Microfiber towel are made to be smooth and efficient with no trace. Poor quality towels can leave tiny micro-scratches that might not appear initially but could become evident after repeated uses.


If you wash your vehicle by hand, you are in control over what cleaning products you choose to use. You can choose to go with the middle of the pack or even pick the top one products available there…it’s completely up to you.

Also you’re the one with the final say in what is allowed to be affixed to your vehicle and what’s not while having the opportunity to explore various products and accessories.


If you are taking your vehicle to the car wash that is touch-free you are missing out on an important aspect…the pleasure you will get from washing your car yourself. You’re in, then you’re out, but you do not participate in any way.

When washing your vehicle yourself it’s time to get your hands dirty and really dive involved with the mess and in the soapy bucket or in the bucket of soapy water, for that matter. You’re able to take the time you’d like to engage with your vehicle and get to know every inch and cranny.

What Is Touchless Car Wash Soap?

The soap for car washing that is touchless can be described as the one that is used in this kind of washing your car. A special cleaning agent developed specifically for automobiles, its goal is to ensure that it runs smoothly within this particular wash system.

Created to be a great source of cleaning power and being soft, this soap has been designed in a way to protect your car. As we’ve discussed in the previous paragraphs, not all soaps are. That’s a major difference when you take your car to a touch-free car wash.

How To Avoid Touchless Car Wash Damage?

If you’re a big fan of the car wash that is touchless regardless of the dangers it poses and dangers, you must protect your vehicle as much possible from the damage it could cause. One way you can accomplish this is to provide your car better protection from the harmful effects of contaminants and other elements.

The best way to accomplish this is by applying a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings are substances that provide shine and protect the paint of your vehicle for many years. They can actually outdo the process of polishing and waxing, which is currently being rated as the best treatment for your car that is available.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to bring your car to a body shop for an appointment with a ceramic coating.

All you require is a quality product on your side, like Nexgen Ceramic Spray. Its high silicon dioxide content (13 percent) it can last for a long time which is something that which no other similar product available on the market.

Last Thoughts: Is Using a Touchless Car Wash Worth It?

There are too many risks We recommend using the standard hand wash, because it’s safer and allows you to have greater control over the entire process.

A touchless car wash has advantages of its own and is sure to get your vehicle clean as it’s well-equipped to perform a swift and gentle wash. If you’re looking for more from your wash for example, getting rid of difficult to remove contaminants, you should go with the traditional way…cleaning with your hands.


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