Designer laminates
Designer laminates

Designer laminates are used on printed surfaces to protect their top layer in high and low temperatures. Royale Touche Laminates manufacturers beautiful laminate sheets that will decorate your house according to your taste and make it look aesthetically appealing. This is why we are often recognised as the leading laminate brand in India and we have also established our credible name in the market.


Why Should You Use Laminates for Your Furniture?


  • Decorative Laminates are manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of the interior space. You can choose from our extensive laminate catalogue and use different decorative laminates to give our house a stunning look.


  • Customers often try to choose a product that must be suitable for their needs. With Royale Touche Laminates, you can customize products and select the best laminate sheets with trendy designs for your furniture.


  • Our laminate designs are quite unique and the sheets are made up of premium quality materials for utmost durability.


  • Various laminate sheets with different thicknesses provide a smart look to your furniture and kitchen.


  • You should choose Royale Touche Laminate to decorate your bathroom door, kitchen roof, walls, wardrobes, and bedroom as well.


  • The high-end finish of glossy laminates helps customers to invest in their favourite decorative laminate and choose it accordingly. You can also get in touch with one of the consultants from Royale Touche Laminates and get an appointment to clear your doubts or questions.


  • There is a huge collection of decorative laminates available in the market. Numerous laminate sheets are suitable for different occasions and adhere to various surfaces. You can always explore the largest collection of decorative and designer laminate sheets with us and refurbish your space.


How Can You Buy Suitable Laminate for Your Furniture?


  • Measurement – Different surfaces require different sizes of laminates. It is always safe to measure the surface of your furniture and have a clear idea about the size of the laminate sheet you might require. It will save you extra bucks and you will not end up with a lot of leftover laminate scraps at the end of your project. Understanding the thickness of your laminate is also extremely crucial because it will often determine the amount of wear and tear it can go through. Depending upon your needs, you can always customize the thickness with your manufacturer.


  • Surface – Along with proper measurement, consider the surface you are choosing and then start selecting your laminate. Furniture has varying surfacing materials and not laminate sheets are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Avoid any rigged or uneven surfaces, since laminate sheets are best applied on plain surfaces. If applied on a bumpy surface, it will not stick properly and that will affect its durability.


  • Design – Designer laminates can perfectly replicate traditional surfacing needs like wood and marble. Consider the type of finish you want for your furniture and choose the best laminate design accordingly. For example, if you want a classic, woody outlook in your bedroom, you might want to consider wood laminates. However, to achieve a grand and luxurious aesthetic appeal, try high-gloss laminates. Go with soft pastel colours with minimalistic textures for smaller spaces and bright, vibrant colours with complex patterns for large, open spaces.


  • Application – Application is the most significant concern for customers before they start buying their favourite laminate. If you install a basic high-gloss laminate for decorating exteriors, they will get discoloured quickly without any guarantee of long-lasting durability. Specially curated exterior laminates are best for this purpose. Similarly, using textured laminates in the kitchen is a bad idea because the oil and grease may settle into the nooks and corners of the texture and it can very difficult to clean.
  • Maintenance – Laminates are quite easy to clean and they do not require a lot of care for maintenance. However, to keep them shiny and new, you will have to clean them frequently. Dusting them regularly or once every two to three days is a must to clean existing smudges and fingerprints. You will require a mixture of liquid soap and warm water, and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Clean the surface of the laminate with this solution once every week and you will be good to go. Make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals or detergent soaps because they might cause discolouration in the future.


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