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Top 5 Styles Of Men’s Necklace

Top 5 Styles Of Men’s Necklace

What sort of chain or necklace is ideal for men? Men wearing stylish chains, necklaces and other pieces of affordable jewelry do look great. Men’s gold necklace is a little different from women’s gold necklace. Men don’t wear something that can be seen as “costume jewelry”. Big, chunky rows of jewels are strictly for women. Men’s jewelry is not to overwhelm but to complement.

Edges of men’s necklaces are rough and rugged. Chain, necklace, or any other jewelry for men should look natural. Men like brighter and shinier stuff that is outlandish. This is how men’s affordable jewelry catches attention precisely. Many men wear necklaces that are not much noticeable but stylish.

Let’s discuss the top 5 styles of men’s necklaces.

There are actually families of styles of men’s necklace. All these styles are masculine. These styles naturally pair with classic men’s style.

Dogs Tags

Military-style dog tags are like specialized pendants. Traditionally, dog tags bear something. It can be your name. It can also contain your religious preference. However, jewelers are now making upscale versions of dog tags. A dog tag contains a pair of tabs on a ball chain.

It can be more decorative. You just need to replace the text with design. You can also replace the chain with something flashier and finer. Different people choose different styles. Not everyone loves military style. Some men feel that a dog tag is for actual servicemen and servicewomen only.


The chain is a classic male adornment. Plain, unornamented chains come in a number of looks. Chains are made from different metals. A chain can have different lengths, styles of links and methods of linking. The most classic style has relatively flat loops which are spaced close together. So, the chain is a solid ribbon of metal and it goes a bit below the collarbone. Many men wear chains with both T-shirts and suit. Modesty is the key to wearing a gold chain. Some even wear a gold chain underneath the shirt. Only a small amount of the chain is visible and that’s enough for creating a style statement.

The look of the chain is defined by the metal. So, you should spend more to buy a higher quality product. Buy chains made from quality silver, gold or platinum. Don’t go for cheap alternatives.

Religious Emblems

Necklaces that are tied to faith or carry some religious value are also sold online. Some men wear religious emblems to express their personal religious beliefs and sometimes wearing it is a part of the religion. Stars of David, Christian crosses and all other religious emblems are in pendant style. In most cases, people wear these emblems under the shirt. These ornaments are long enough to fall below the neckline. These pieces are simple and understated. You will love to show it at some religious place. However, when you are in a club or crowded bar, you may not like to display. Your religious emblem can be quiet, stylish accent piece.


A pendant is a simple small ornament. It is a cord or chain with a pendant resting below your neck. Pendant necklaces are the most common necklaces. These are incredibly popular and versatile. The chain may contain a shaped jewel. It can also be a clay tablet bearing a character. However, the piece should be small enough to rest against your chest. If you are wearing a casual shirt, you can wear them outside. If you want it to be seen against your bare skin, you can go for a deep V-neck.


A choker is a solid band not hanging down. It just goes around the neck. A dog collar is an example of this style. Chokers are popular in surfer and hippie culture. Fashionable men love wearing these chains. These pieces can also be made from leather. Metal chokers are not that common.

You can purchase any of these styles made from materials including gold, silver and a few more. If you are looking for affordable jewelry that is stylish as well, buy a necklace.


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